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Daxter's A to Z of Music (Well, I missed some..)




Well, I got bored and saw a Facebook status of my friends, who is going through A-Z of his music, one every day. So I decided to make my own list for the hell of it.


A - Agalloch. A band I was randomly linked to, I don't know what it is about them, but I really like them. Their songs are quite long, which I don't like, but they are really good, in my eyes at least. Favourite song: Not Unlike the Waves.


B - Billy Joel. I'll admit, I only have one of his best ofs, but I'm trying to hit as many letters as possible. When I first got his best of, I knew ALL of the songs on it, maybe the only reason I like him so much. I still don't know where I heard them. Fave song: Everybody Loves You Now.


C - The Cat Empire. An Aussie band. They're pretty damn awesome. (Well, they must be if I have all their studio albums and plan to get their next) Fave song: The Car Song.


D - Dream Theater. They're just epic, and that's all I really want to say. Go listen to them now. Fave song: As I Am.


E - Eagles of Death Metal. Located through my obsession of QotSA, I started listening to these guys. They're nowhere near as good as QotSA, so don't expect much if you know QotSA. Fave song: Stuck in the Metal or Heart On. I haven't decided yet.


F - Fatboy Slim. Ok, here's another 'I only have the best of, but I'm filling letters if possible' one. Fave song: Weapon of Choice.


G - Gnarls Barkley. I heard Crazy, looked for the album, found the Smiley Face single, really liked it, got the album, got obsessed. Fave song: Whatever or Smiley Faces.


H - Ok, I've got nothing. I've got HIM, but they're not that great, not good enough to be here.


I - Nothing again. :(


J - Jimi Hendrix or Johnny Cash. I can't decide which one I rather. Fave JH song: Fire. Fave JC song: Ring of Fire. What is it with J artists and fire?


K - Kyuss. Somewhat of a start of QotSA, I suppose. I got these guys a fair while after QotSA, but they ended up being a lot better than I expected. Still not as good as QotSA, though. Fave song: Green Machine.


L - Led Zeppelin. Is there any competition for L? Led Zeppelin are just epic. Fave song: Achille's Last Stand.


M - Marilyn Manson. Ever since I heard Coma White (Thanks Crusader), I got a bit obsessed. Coma White is now one of my favourite songs of all time.


N - Nine Inch Nails. I don't know when I got 'em, but when I did, I was a very happy man. Fave song: My Violent Heart.


O - The Offspring. They're just that band that everyone seems to like, and why not? They make everything awesome. Especially cranking their songs at 5:30 in the morning heading to Canberra. Fave song: Vultures.


P - Polkadot Cadaver. One day, my sister came home. She came with this band and gave it to me. My life changed there and then. They were stuck in my head for the next month. And long after. Fave song: Long Strange Trip to Paradise.


Q - Queens of the Stone Age. Never saw that coming, did you? I have NFSUG2 to thank for this obsession. Ever since I heard In My Head, well, obsession took control. QotSA is now my favourite band, and probably always will be. Fave song: Autopilot.


R - Red Hot Chili Peppers. Possibly the first band to get me into music. The first song I heard was Californication, and I was determined to buy their album. I did, and it became my first album I ever bought. They were my favourite band until QotSA came around. Fave song: Knock Me Down.


S - System of a Down. Bam. First listen, obsession again. Fave song: Roulette.


T - Them Crooked Vultures. Josh Homme? Dave Grohl? John Paul Jones? Is this possible? Much obsession ensued after hearing this. Fave song: Mind Eraser, No Chaser.


U - Nothing. :(


V - Nothing again. :(


W - Weird Al, to be honest. Hehe. He's just too awesome. Fave song: Albuquerque.


X, Y, Z. Nothing. :'(




There's quite a list of bands. If you read it all, have a cookie. Suggest me some bands, if you wish. :thumbsup:


Catch you next time, ~Dax.



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I kinda like your choices, the offspring and soad in particular :thumbup: :thumbup:


i: Iggy pop and the stooges


x: no clue actually :mellow:


y: yellowcard


z: zebrahead :)


some of my fav bands to add in your blank spots :thumbsup:

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H - 'Hey Rosetta!' are pretty good, they're a Canadian band I discovered from a Canadian student who I lived with for a while.


I - Iggy Pop


U - U2


V - Van Morrison


X - ?


Y - The Yarbirds


Z. Zappa, Frank. I couldn't think of any bands/artists whose names started with Z

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i'd say mine would be


A - Atmosphere - Hard to pick a favorite - Probably God Loves Ugly

B - Bob Marley - I shot the Sheriff.

C - Coldplay - Viva La Vida

D - Disturbed - The Sickness

E - eminem - Sing for the Moment

F - Fatboy Slim - Right here , right now

G - Gym Class Heroes - Peace sign up, index down

H - Hoobastank - Crawling in the dark

I - Incubus - Drive

J - Jay Z - Beat out Hendrix :P - Excuse me miss

K - The Killers (close with korn) - Mr Bightside

L - Led Zeppelin - The Immigrant song

M - Muse (Beat out meatloaf, Metallica and mudvayne) - Knights of Cydonia

N - Nine Inch Nails - Closer

O - The Offspring - Gone Away

P - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Q - Queen - Somebody to love

R - REM - Losing my Religion

S - Sage Francis - Specialist

T - Three Days grace - never too late

U - u2 wins this easily. - still havent found what i'm looking for

V - Verve Pipe - bittersweet sympathy

W - Weezer - The good life

X - xzibit kinda wins this by default. - X

Y - -Yellow Card - Gifts and Curses

Z - Zz Top - La Grange

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Interesting list, das. I agree with a lot of it, minus three days grace. Insert Tupac into that instead. Also, muse does not beat out metallica sorry.


But other than that nice list ;)


Same to you daxter76. Just yeah missed a few, z would have been zz top for sure.

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Z for zebrahead- any day- some of their music rocks :D


And F- I would say FreezePop- Less Talk More Rokk! :thumbsup:

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I have tupac listed as 2pac in my ipod, thus he is intelligible for his letter.


Muse beats out Metallica because I feel KOC beats out any song metallica has done. While Enter Sandman, Unforgiven 2, and others are epic songs, I enjoy listening to muse more, and have for quite some time. To be fair, I would of went Meatloaf over them too. Metallica may play good music, but the band isn't as fan friendly and i think of them as jerks.

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Muse would have came out equalling MM, but not after the piece of [cabbage] their last album was. I gave them a chance for their newest song (Neutron Star Collision), though it was Twilight related, I thought it may have had it's chance. But alas, I was disappointed.


I'll check some of these bands out. ;)

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Cool, QOTSA and Kyuss are awesome.


Mine would have to be


A - Alice in Chains

B - (The)Beatles

C - Crowded House

D - Dire Straits

E - Eagles

F - Fleetwood Mac (Competetion from Foo Fighters and Faith no More)

G - Guns N' Roses

H - Helloween (I don't have many others for this)

I - Iron Maiden (easy)

J - Jerry Cantrell

K - Kyuss. Hard.

L - Led Zeppelin

M - Mother Love Bone

N - Neil Young (How could you go any further?)

O - Opshop. Yeah didn't have much else here

P - Pink Floyd (Competeion from the Police, A Perfect Circle and the Pixies

Q - Queens of the Stone Age (Queen and Queensryche are good too)

R - Red Hot Chili Peppers (One of the Hardest, BIG competetion from the Rolling Stones, Rage Against the Machine and Rush)

S - Simon and Garfunkel (Also very hard, with names like Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Split Enz, Stevie Ray Vaughan, System of a Down and Screaming Trees )

T - Tool

U - UB40

V - Velvet Revolver (Van Halen close though...)

W - Wolfmother (Pretty muhc the best thing outta Aussie...ever)

X - X-Ray Mind - actually a song, but meh I have nothing

Y - Yngwie Malmsteen

Z - Zz Top

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