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Heh.. I have a loan out with Provident at the moment, which means I pay them back a certain amount each week for the cash in hand they gave me when I started the loan.


I have always paid them back without fail. I HAD 100% credit rating.


So my parents have loans out with them too. They pay back at the same time. To make it easier, I give my dad the money I pay provident so he can pay them all at the same time.


Today.. money is looking a bit dire. I've been debating getting £100 to put in the bank, just so I have some money saved in case I need it for bills, food, etc.


I talk about phoning up. Oh, you want something Dad? What's that..? You've been paying reduced or nothing for my loan for the past few weeks?




I understand that money has been a bit of a [bleep] in the last month or so, but I'd have appreciated being told that I'm technically in the shit with the loan company. It's not your money to decide that you will pay lower amounts or nothing each week. I'd have probably been okay with it with a big of pre-warning, but it's my damn money to do with as I want.


Thanks for screwing up my credit rating. I phoned today to enquire about the loan, and it was declined because of this reason.


If this counts again me in the future, I'm going to be pissed off.


On a happier note, my mum has "loaned" me £100 of her savings. She said to pay her back £10 every 2 weeks, and the advantage of this is that I don't have to pay the likely £60ish interest that the loan company would have charged.


I've also moved into my new room today, moving up in the temporary housing :) Well ahead of schedule, I should have a flat of my own within a few months ;)


Ah well :) You're all awesome <3:


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[bleep] paying them back, they squandered your money without asking you. Don't trust your parents to handle such vital financial transactions for you anymore.

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Kim's right. I learned a long time ago never to trust my mother with important decisions like that, sadly. :wall:

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