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Hyt Relationships... 2!




Damn it people, do you know how much effort goes in to making one of these blogs?! Barely any! I'm just so completely corrupt that the words just flow from my.. fingers. Mhm... anyway, I have been nagged and insulted and whined at that certain "people" weren't on the list, so.. here is Hyt Relationships 2!


Iiccee (Frank) and Muffin Maddy (Sugarbabenumbers) - Here would be the part where I'd normally write about how Frank seduced Maddy with his amazing voice, his gorgeous body, or some other assest. Sadly, this isn't the case. Maddy has suffered from a head injury, and the following concussion has made her believe that she is madly in love with Frank. We hope that one day, Maddy recovers and sends Frank packing, but until then, may they have many a good time at the Cinema.


Drazhar44 and TheKoolKandy - Irish and French. What a combination! I'd love to see what the kids look like.. Draz is obviously sleeping with his clan owner to try and get a higher rank ;) Not much can be said about what started this relationship, Draz could seduce anyone he wanted, even the innocent, young, french Kandy. ;)


Iiccee (Frank) and 2noob4you1 - Wait, what? I thought even 2noob had enough standards not to do this... Heh, I guess Frank must be paying him by the hour, 2noob isn't on the Forever Alone list for no reason ;)


2noob4you1 and A Local Guy - After the first Hyt Relationships blog post, 2noob and ALG went drinking to drown their sorrows at their inclusion to the Forever Alone list. Many shots later, and a night that neither can remember, 2noob woke up in bed next to ALG. Throwing caution to the winds, they started up a relationship, and have adopted Codguy as their mutual child.


0 0 Spec Aww (Tip It) and Dragonkng198 - I knew nothing about this until one night, he snuck in to my room, and then... the rest is history. <3:


Kiuko and Nekyia - Kiu better be wary. He may have stole Neky's affections from me, but I'll have Neky back. SOME DAY, SOME TIME! NEKY IS MINE!


Iiccee and Iiccee's Right Hand - Need I say more?


Leik and PopeDevourer (Hi Mono) - I thought that Pope was on the Forever Alone list, but after a bit more research, it turns out that he is in a secret relationship with Leik, who we believe may have head injuries to rival Maddys. That, or she was seduced by what we've heard about Pope's hair. More information is needed on this, but you don't want to know more information on what these two do alone in Daemonheim together.


Lady Plug and Hugger 88 - This is what you get when you talk about me Pluggy! Now you're married to the Huggable Hugger of Huggingness. :twisted:


Quest_Cape_K and SoFProd (Bxpprod) - On the day of the next name change, he shall now be known as QuestProd, after doing some "prodding" of Quest_Cake_K. Have fun together, and may your XP always be ruined by newbs that can't Dungeoneer. <3:


Sannibannie and Dagannoth Rex - Why do you think Sanni got those three berserker rings that trip? Rex proposed, and Sanni said yes! We wish them a happy life together, and hope that Sanni can resist Supreme's amazing body.


Iiccee and Iiccee's Left Hand - Poor Frank, bet you wish you didn't insult me now? <3:





Forever Alone List










*Disclaimer - Iiccee sucks. That is all.*



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Even though it's been established for several years now, I'm surprised to see no Ezk + Oct + Draz ;)

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