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Hyt Relationships - New and Updated!




After reading through my old blog entries, I noticed that some of the relationships were extremely out of date, and thus, we need new and updated gossip!


Let us begin, shall we?


TheKoolKandy and Muffin Maddy - No, he screams on Skype as I type this information. Little does he know that Maddy already has a seduction plan, which she is currently working on with Patrick. She's about half way done corrupting his innocence, and the finale involves a trip to the Cinema to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. I wish them the best of luck, and have only one thing to ask of their union. Can you see me now?


Wolf Am I (Pluggy) and Crazy Eric - Eric is weird, but hell, Clare is used to this, she's from Essex after all! It works out fine because Eric already has a pajazzle, and Clare is used to weird and rude guys because of where she grew up! I wish them the best of luck, and my donation to their relationship together is a new born Cow. May you two have much moo in your life together!


Cafe Diem and Polarbearblu - Skype calls together have worked a bond of love between these two strange, but lovable characters. Polar's mad can be calmed down by the soothing voice of Cafe, and it'll be nice for him to have a woman, he has spent too long dating his hands (and cheating on both of them with Dolly, who I won't go into detail over).


Tanuso and Quest Cape K - Even in the days when I still thought Tansy was a girl, I knew that these two were meant for each other. Even finding out that Tansy is actually a guy doesn't break this relationship, because Quest Cape K is about as close to being a girl as anyone can while still having male... well, let's not go into details, but you know what I mean. These two have loved each other since first troll, and I wish them both the best of luck in their future.


Darkwitchery and De Elite One - Not much has changed here, these two still love each other as much as Victoria can love anything that isn't a penguin or chocolate (which isn't a hell of a lot, but considering Deo's face, he should be happy with what he gets!). Their union will finally be complete once Victoria has achieved her life long goal of 99 Fletching, and they will live happily ever after in a little college in Wales, with plenty of nearby sheep, while Deo slaves at his job working for Cadbury. ;)


Sannibannie and Mish - Come on. Anyone that can't tell that these two are made for each other is blind, dumb, or me! Wait.. Never mind. I know that these two will have profitable lives, but short, because while Sanni steals Mish's innocence, Graardor will murder them both brutally, for all the trouble they've given him over the years.


Emmace and Sangrina - Still two of the people that I believe are perfect for each other, I love you both, and I wish you the happiest times together, whether that be doing something that you both hate, such as being kind to people, or something that you both love to do, such as corrupting the innocence of billions, while murdering the rest in strange and excruciatingly painful ways! :)


Dragoon5464 and Tranquil - After the seduction that Tranquil partook in after visiting Dragoon, these two are set for life, and I wish them the happiest of times together, and much in the way of redberry pie and bananas.


A Local Guy and Sorator - After long trips moderating botters and spammers, and a long night with little thanks, they ended up in a bar together. A shot or two later (both being complete light-weights), their relationship started, and they've never been happier. Both already married to the job, but their love can even beat their love of destroying noobs and muting boobs!


Dexek and Lanfear/Tay/Twilight_Blade - Tay is one of the most evil people I know, and once she found out how beautiful Derek was, nothing could stop her on the way to seduction and evil deeds. Derek is now under her spell, but I can't imagine that he doesn't really enjoy it, Tay's evil is part of her charm <3:


Naive and Iiccee - ... I can't go into detail about this relationship, the forums are PG-13, but let's just say that Naive's neckbeard was enough to persuade Frank to give their relationship a chance!


QueenBlueSky and k a t k i s - Another relationship from Hyt that has stood the test of time, they have been happily married for a long time now, and enjoy moonlight strolls along the beach, romantic dinners, and the occasional serial murder sprees that both have hinted they enjoy so well!


Drazhar44 and Kimberly - After my messy divorce with Kimberly, she went to a bar to drown her sorrows in alcohol. As everyone knows, where this is a bar, there is a Kieran, and he used the booze to persuade Kimberly to start a relationship with him. I'm sure this will only last as long as Kieran can keep Kimberly drunk, but being Irish, I'm sure he has the experience needed to do such a thing!


Octarine and Ezkaton - While neither are Hyters, both are well known on Tip.It, and thus, their relationship must be spread throughout the gossip of TIF! I wish them both the best of luck in "The Babecave", a place that can not be explained in Tip.It's PG-13 environment. Good luck guys!


Lass Sally and Tip It (0 0 Spec Aww) - I know I'm not surprised, with a voice and accent as beautiful as Ian has, and with that incredible body, even the crazy cat lady known to her victims only as Salleh could not escape seduction! I hope Ian is prepared, I've heard Sally has already purchased him a litter-box and she intends to make him use it!


ForsakenMage and Serpent Eye - Long story short, after a night of comparing incidents of their times owning Hyt, their mutual hatred for chatters in general formed the basis of a relationship of blood, evil and maybe the odd devoured chatter. I know I'm not the only one that is glad that their affections have turned to each other, for both have storied histories of eating their partners after they have grown bored!


Ambler3 and 999134thpure - Staking. Need I say more?


Solemnis and Nox - After a romantic plane ride together, these two hot-headed, red-blooded males couldn't resist each other's charm, and they have quickly built a relationship of such trollingness, that even Dragonkng198, the Master of Trolls can not touch them. Fair played gentlemen, I hope you have a wonderful life together!


Dragonkng198 and All Women That Can't Resist His Charm - With a face like this, even the taken ladies can't resist me. That is all.




I bid you all a good day, and I hope you remember me fondly, for I shall probably be torn limb from limb after the posting of this blog entry, but know that I died as I lived, with a giggle on my lips, and trolling in my heart!



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