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  1. Gee, you should play Maple Story if you thing the Runescape community is weird. :XD:
  2. None. World 6 may be populated, but it isn't the best. I'd rather assemble a team of friends who have experience from the minigame.
  3. I've seen one before when I was playing the Jungle Cleanup minigame. The name was a set of random numbers, such as 7463926. You can easily tell if it's a macro or not by following them along the way to their destination. Look for sudden stops the character make and see how long they stop for on that same spot. Also check how long the character takes to unnote the essence at the general store. If their actions seem suspicious, hit the report button.
  4. Oh... and World 140 is great for runecrafting at night because there are rarly anybody on that server (~100-200 server population, 10 people around Edgeville area). The only disadvantage of that world is the German language. If you understand it, good for you! But I didn't find it hard to cope with the different language. The options may be in a different language, but as long as you know which button is which, you'll be fine.
  5. Not everybody has completed FT2. It's only about 20secs longer from my experiences using this method.
  6. Well.. I'm not sure about the 'faster' part, but for sure you get more gold ores that way! One run at Arzinian mines only gets you 24 gold (Ring of Charos method: 1 slot needed to hold Helmet, 3 gold ores to bank). One run at Brimhaven mines gets 26(? - Whistle, dramen staff/picaxe).
  7. You must have an IQ of 180. I will definatly do this. Thanks, but keep in mind that 100% protection is not guarunteed! It's all about your timing.
  8. Cannonballs... They take forever :notalk:
  9. There's a simple way to survive Abyss runecrafting.... Start by walking after leaping across the ditch. Make sure auto-retaliate is off and attack a Skeleton. Walk half way up to the Mage with the Skeleton still attacking, turn run on and right-click Teleport. Pkers usually can't touch you since you are under attack most the time. Extra tips: If you feel that you are still not safe from Pkers, don't replace your Glory Amulet with a Ring of Duelling so the loss won't be as high. After crafting the runes, Duel to Castlewars and take out a glory, then teleport to Edgeville and repeat. Craft at night, preferably the Americas timezone.
  10. I have a good tip, get more people :XD: . I hear World 2 usually has a temple in the making. Try using that world, or gather up a team on RSOF.
  11. Highly inappropriate joke... If 'no racism intended' then why would you wear 'white point hats' and spell the words 'Cool/Club' with the letter K?
  12. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... NO :twisted: 8-) :twisted: \ :thumbsup: :oops:
  13. I think all clue rewards come at random, regardless the level of the monster.
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