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  1. I usually don't like speculating on such things however, the fact that the Wii is involved grabs my attention. For game play I do not see any reason for them to add things like moving the Wiimote to do things. Not only would that be a pain in the butt(or for once in our nerdy RS lives, arm :o ) but, It could give us an edge/disadvantage with skills that use the Wiimote's abilities. Neither of which I think Jagex has plans for introducing. For graphics I think they will keep them as much the same as possible with perhaps the exception of only one graphics option. Because there isn't a large variety of Wii's anywhere from the 1990's to the top of the line hardware of today I don't think there's much point in graphics options. For cost, I don't think Jagex will stray to far from their largely successful don't buy the game model. My guess is you can download it in the Wii shop and membership will apply for both computer and game console versions. Now there's a lot more I want to/could speculate on but I'll let you get to the next post. :)
  2. I'll definitely plagiarize...I mean, 'reference' it in the future. :thumbsup: 10/10 :thumbsup:
  3. P2P cooking: sharks, about 210k per hour or so. Thieving: I've heard people getting 260k exp per hour black jacking.
  4. Enjoyable reads. I always enjoy the perspective of others. And that Obama article is the only fictional piece I've ever even bothered looking at. :thumbsup:
  5. I prefer just the sound. It helps me know what's going on when I'm looking at a different tab or something.
  6. Excellent guide :thumbsup:. I will be sure to use this.
  7. You're absolutely right. Farming needs a cheaper alternative even if it's a bit slower. I'd like to see some of those giant flowers from the rain forest added.
  8. Still working on putting up images. Should reach 80 woodcutting sometime tomorrow.
  9. i made my own blog but i can't figure out how to put my pics on it. any help?
  10. If you are reading this your coolness has just risen by 23.456%. Now that you are that much cooler have a cookie(Sugar free ones too for those on a diet), sit back and enjoy this thread. My Story [hide=]2005 I started from humble beginnings back in summer of 2005. My friends told me about this amazing game called 'Runescape'. It was the summer so I knew I wouldn't see them much and therefore decided to make an account. My first account was Lord-man66(I was 11 come on!). Short version of the story, he phailed. Then I made Lord-Cool55(this is only 2 weeks after making lord-man66 I'm still only 11.) I quested and skilled my way to level 48 and only had Dragon Slayer left to do. Things were going good, then I got scammed in November of 2005. Losing an entire 60k sent my world spinning in a downward spiral. 2006 I quit and was later convinced to return in March of 2006(Disclaimer: I was 'not' tied to a chair in front of the log in screen by my 'friends' until I logged on). May of 2006 Construction came out. I knew I had to get a house it sounded so cool. School was almost out so I got my membership in June. It was a prosperous summer. I gained many levels, did many quests and got many gp's(400k by the end of the summer to be exact). I spent all of that school year playing Runescape and enjoying myself. 2007 This was that year I got my melee stats to 70(whip and barrows baby!). I was doing pretty good at this point school was out and I had big plans for that summer. Then one day I couldn't log on. I kept trying to log in but my password was wrong. I figured I had been hacked so I played GuildWars for that summer. Then in September I tried my luck at logging in and it turned out I had mistyped my password at least 20 times(it's an honest mistake anyone can do it :oops: ). So I kept playing until Christmas break when I got bored with Runescape and took up GuildWars again. 2008 I continued playing GuildWars until May of this year. I then got back into Runescape Just in time for the summer. I spent all summer grinding the levels away. Even as school started again I just kept grinding those levels out I even managed to get 97 cooking on the last day of the year. 2009 Good year, I got 99 cooking the first day of the year. (Writing in progress.)[/hide] My Stats: [hide=] This at start of the thread.[/hide] My Current Goals(once i achieve a goal i will leave it here for a while before changing it to the next one): [hide=]Key: []: not achieved [\]: achieved []115 combat []1800 total []85 attack []85 strength []90 defense []75 range [\]70 prayer []82 magic []60 runecrafting []75 construction []85 hitpoints []65 agility []65 herblore []82 thieving [\]70 crafting []85 fletching []72 slayer []90 hunter []70 mining []80 smithing []76 fishing [\]99 cooking []80 firemaking [\]80 woodcutting []70 farming []70 summoning [\]10m of wealth [\]284qp []trimmed cape My Quests [hide=]284/284qp What I have left: Nothing! Quest cape achieved 4/14/09! (screenies coming soon.)[/hide] My Screenies: Still working on thread :wall:
  11. Pretty sweet stuff you got in your bank. I know I wish I had your 99 smithing. Maybe we can talk sometime in RS.(sorry if that sounds creeperish :oops: )
  12. i don't know if i'm the first some to guess this or not but what about a quest that opens up the far east? i would assume it would be a medium type quest but access to the far east seems like a good enough reward to make up for that. another might be opening up the kudos island. it seems to take a lot of things to get the 153+ kudos requirement. i can also see how it would become a long, complicated and amazing quest. who knows, maybe we will dig up guthix (hopeful thinking, i know)
  13. Get 99 cooking the first day of the year. I want this to be the year of 99's (even though i know ill be lucky to get a second one :oops: ) I want 99 hunter maybe 99 theiving. Maybe fletching and firemaking if i feel inclined to. 99 smithing if im lucky. :pray: im not real big on combat anymore so id say maybe 110+? primarily from prayer and summoning though 99 hunter and thieving will bring in a large sum of money so im set in that respect. other than that just keep up with the updates do diaries and quests(quest cape? :thumbsup: ) crazy goals but you gotta have something to aim for.
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