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  1. oh that's a shame! i got given 2 santas and i put them in bank and was over the moon! Getting back into rs from 04 is a long long journey lol.
  2. wow runescape has really evolved! Back in 04 this was box pixels lol :P
  3. Hey hey guys!!! Well i am back after so many years out of runescape! i first came to tip.it back in 2004 to sell/buy/merch items. Also used tip.it for every quests from rsc until runescape 07. Feels so good to be back, hit me up !! Kind regards, Blood :)
  4. BUMP , so sorry for bumping this... but gladz still dominating today?
  5. I am back after so long!! i loved the white layout tho. looked much better imo!
  6. Good job Gladz , nice to c that your still in domination of P2p
  7. Haha , havent used forums for ages! Hi Sheys :)
  8. what about gladz? was one of the best in RSC :D , :twisted:
  9. atleast someone got that and lost stuff as lure That would be me. #-o Lost a whip and guthan helm. It's not a bug really, just a smart lure. 2 people(X and Y) tell you to come and be bait for a guy pking in expensive stuff. X and Y tell you to bring a couple expensive items to lure the guy. X also gives you a chinchompa to hold. So you go out to lvl 25 wildy, and X tells you to put autoretaliate on. I didn't put it on, because I suspected something. X stands next to Y. Y attacks you. I didn't have auto on so I didn't attack him back. Y said "oops sry". He then tells me again to put auto on. So I do, not thinking that I was in any danger. Y attacks again, and I attack him back with the chinchompa. Since X is standing next to Y, he gets hit by it too, making me skull. I then proceed to get killed, losing my whip and helm. :cry: Can u get ban for it ?
  10. i heard theres a bug with Chimpchompa's which can make skull ppl, is it true?
  11. True, no one cares if you're low combat or not. Your stats are awful, except for the Fishing (and Cooking and Fletching). I learnt the dates in the second year of primary school. I would venture a guess about your age, but then again it's also possible you are mentally challenged. I don't judge people with those kinds of problems. Sorry m8 , i was on holidays.. :oops:
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