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  1. False. All the traps and much of the obstacle boxing methods have been messed with by the new game engine and combat codes. It'll be back to move/no move reg arena for mage boxing most likely. Anyone else found anything different?
  2. I'll be right there with you Mike. Been waiting for the return since November 07 haha. Quit for a good year, but I'm so ready to get back to the arena bro. Guarantee I'll see you there. Can't wait to stake the oldschools again, but I'm going to clean the [cabbage] out of the newbs.
  3. Yeah Digits nolifed for 37 hours on a school night to get it.
  4. Fight because it's easier than fighting? ..=D>
  5. We never claimed to be perfect, we just stated we are better than you. We'll leave it at that.
  6. This is your "guide", not Axe Man Jack's infamous and highly successful BIBLE. Keep ANY references of him or his bible out of your so called guide. Don't mess with TSG :thumbup: amj r0x my s0x
  7. The link is safe. I would use it but I don't have Excel.
  8. Ah so you come back to find that party hats are utterly useless, impossible to sell, and junk :D
  9. Belle is the only one to get it unless you have proof otherwise :)
  10. Look up Slayerbelle. It's been done already.
  11. More magic exp, but you lose cash in the process.
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