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  1. thankyou toadalmighty lol I absolutely knew chinchompas didnt gave 1k+ xp an hour rofl.
  2. please tell me how many u shoot per hour, and how much xp u get per chinchompa.. thank you.
  3. please tell me how many u shoot per hour, and how much xp u get per chinchompa.. thank you.
  4. nice dude, I did the cape months ago with the old vids, good you got better ones now, I'm downloading them, would u please tell me how u got your range level up? please. pm me with the answer please.
  5. nothing personal, but this is absolutely ridiculous lol.
  6. Buena suerte, yo soy de Honduras. por lo menos podemos hablar un mismo idioma.. jeje.. agregame en runescape
  7. I would recomend using Holy (sara) complete book instead of that mind shield. it got same bonuses and if u die u get it back for free. and also I think that wearing black vams or barrow gloves are worth it the 1kg.
  8. this guide rocks!! aww man u removed me from your friend's list.
  9. man please pm me or tell me here but preferable pm me telling me if need bait to catch them? or not? and if i can catch withor without bait, is it worth it using bait? guam tar, marrentil tar, tarromin tar, harralander tar... ?
  10. woot! doin fight caves right now! wish me luck 4 sup restores left and I am on wave 58 First try: died because needed 2 more sup restore drinks Second try: died because I lagged 2 seconds, I already had killed healers and got Jad below 1/4 Health Thrid try: doin it now
  11. Mugi.. do you mind if I suggest of updating the videos. Like you to record the videos again because of the new updates. and stuff..
  12. nice,, I think im the addict one, but not too adict, ill try to lower it down but not to stop playing, in case i cant lower down ill have to quit.. nice guide 10/10! :D
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