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    killing lessers then dancing in my undies :)
  1. Well the idea is to keep the cmb level as low as possible, thanks for the link though. :)
  2. Thanks! Yeah im looking forward to PC, I don't enjoy soul wars too much. The lag is insta kill pretty much every game for me. For the dung, when I hit 99 Def I should be around lvl 50 (if i ever get there), so at most I'm looking at 49-54 ish. Leeching can I make it so any shared xp other than defense is off? OR is it just a on/off shared xp?
  3. Hey, I have a defense pure, that is I only train defense, 1 att/str/magic/ranged/prayer/summoning. I'm at lvl 42 defense and 31 HP. I am currently training at the scorpions at the dwarven mine. I like training here because it does not require much food, and I use str and att pots. They are also typically aggro for 10 minutes or so. Which is good for me because I'm a Uni student and the afk ability is attractive. The purpose of this thread then is to ask if anyone can point me in the direction of a better training area. Afk ability is a plus, but if the mobs are high hp too I don't mind keeping an eye on it. I also like to train at rock crabs as another example. Money is not an issue either, if it is relevant. My second question is how do I train dungeoneering with only defence and HP. Thanks for any bumps and responses.
  4. Soreness is not an indicator of growth. Try to get stronger on the majour compounds, isolations like curls will take longer due to the single muscle working, size will come with time. Keep eating and lifting.
  5. I tend to lift before school so early in the mornings. Caffine is a staple, if you can stomach coffee by all means, it gives me teh [cabbage]s so caffine pills. They are very very very cheap. If you live in Canada, Ephederine is legal OTC, ive tried it, absolutley fly through your sets and it leaves you feeling geat, but is horrible for long term use. I have tried the traditional Pre Workouts as well, crashes too soon, too expensive as compared to caffine pills, [cabbage] sucks. Unless your diet is in check, ie. eat well before going to the gym, you dont need stims to get you through your workout. Thats all the commercial pre workout supps are, stims. If your awake and can push yourself then just enjoy lifting. OP, stuff like this wont stunt growth lol. If you take increasing amounts of it, it can affect your cardiac health, heart etc. It is in the nature of stims for the user to become aclimated to specific doseages (1 scoop) and then you need 2 to do the work of 1. Therefore most people who do use it long term do experience heart related issues. Caffine is not as bad, a very mild stim, some new studies are even saying for certain people 100-300mg a day is benificial.
  6. Hello Tip.It This summer I plan on making a prowler and farmers walks handles, now, im only just drawing the plans and have ran into a snag. For the standard weight plates, what is the radius or diameter of the hole? ( hehehe ) But seriously, I dont want to make the bar too thick and not be able to load any plates on, any one with any idea of a standard?
  7. 6 I think was the most I've ever done.
  8. Lol, slowly add the cals into your diet, like 50 cals a week. And build up to your goal.
  9. Yes, eat healthy, brown rice, lean ground beef, lots of veggies, fruits, milk, brown bread etc. Also no pop. That whole Hypertrophy thing you've conceived is total [cabbage]. Your muscles wont tell the difference between dumbell and barbell curls, all they know is muscular breakdown. Now, what accomplishes this more efficiently, free weights, not machines because you work your assistance muscles too. This is through the three big lifts, squat (full range [wagon] to grass, dont be a sissy), deadlift and bench. Also overhead press is good. All other exercises are not the builders but rather assistance to the big 3 (or 4). Your muscles do not become sore because you dont stretch, they become sore because they have not reciveed proper recovery material. However stretching will help the broken down muscle recover FASTER. That is all.
  10. Glad to see this thread is still going. :) Im currently 211 pounds at 5 feet 6 inches. Over the past few months pulled 465 (deadlift) and squatted (315). Feels good man. Currently I want to get down to 180 and then pull 500.
  11. Not to take away from his achievement, but what would require a little extra help. Im highly skeptical of him being natural in the second pic. But he looks great. SOOO good on him. This is my motivation. http://img193.imageshack.us/i/1259700588674.jpg/ He is going to be the first to pull 1000 raw, its gonna be god like. On the whole omg hes disgusting about that other pic, I used to think that way, but I was on the outside looking in, but on the inside looking out, it makes sense. If people choose to think that his body type is not ideal, then so be it. Who really cares? IF he wants to juice let him, it dosent take away from his achievements. Hes using everything capable to achieve his goals. People do much more stupid things than juice.
  12. Today I did squats, i swear i did over twenty sets with only front and back squats. o.O Im going to DIE tomorrow.
  13. Haha yeah, thats true. Try different angles and such for pushups, use stairs or charis as leverage, bw squats, hindu squats, one legged squats, pullups etc. No bw exercises compaire to squat dead and bench though.
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