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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. First Elite Clue 3 Celtic Knot puzzles (not as bad as I thought) 2 Slider puzzles 3 Orb Scans (one in deep wildy) 2 Compass Clues (one in deep wildy) This was all new to me so this took me an hour and half to two hours. I was quite anxious for the reward. Nevermind.
  3. Foreign donations - Muslims from the middle east will be funding the construction of this mosque. So nobody should worry about it unless the extremists are there and doing something dangerous.
  4. This whole thing is stupid. It's a community center with a mosque in it. It isn't an extremist headquarters. Who cares if some Muslims go there and pray? New York City is a huge place with 8 million+ LIVING there, not including the millions more that visit, there's bound to be people of ALL religions there and Muslims shouldn't be denied their right to pray properly. It's pathetic to think that this country is so consumed and worried about a damn mosque. Plus, how do the Muslims, who hate America or not, on the other side of the globe have ANYTHING to do with THIS mosque? This isn't for them, it is for the Muslims HERE.
  5. Saw you were clanless, was wondering if you'd be interested in joining my clan. We do God Wars/PVP/CWA/F2P and P2P PK/FOG/etc, 110+ Requirements to join and a 122 f2p combat average.

    Our site is...www.apoc.ipbhost.com

    Link to ML: www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=apoc

    Hope you join, just register on boards and make an intro in intro section.

  6. Monster that dropped Clue: Goblin Level of Clue (If 100% known): 1 Clue Hint (With picture): I'm pretty sure this is a new set of items to wear
  7. Is there even a small plausible chance that someone my age (15) can start some kind of charity or foundation to raise money for diabetes research? I have no idea how to start up or even how to run one.
  8. Yeah, I tried. I just apologized to him and we came to an agreement to not be friends, but also not be enemies. I'll just have to deal with it.
  9. Ok, the whole I'm 15 thing was a bit of sarcasm, and 15 is different than 5. I'm just not gonna try to be friends with him, problem solved, thanks for the help.
  10. He's just such a jerk, I tried to talk to him, it went fine for a bit, then he started making "jokes" about how I have no friends or something?
  11. I don't know about romantic feelings. Though, every other freaking week I have to comfort her because he does something wrong to piss her off so much she cries all day, they have a mini break up every month or so. Then something magically happens where he's the best person ever again. Speak of the devil, they're fighting right now.
  12. Yeah, I'm just being stubborn. I'll TRY and I'll have a positive attitude about it, but I'm not going to fake like him.
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