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  1. NEEVERmind.. i found the normal pits
  2. I can't seem to get the pitfall in the jungle to work. I get a message: Your not realy sure how to set this trap. I have a hunter skill of 33 and it says it requires 31 so thats not it, i have no idea why i cant get it to work >.< i have a knife and logs in my inventory and a teasing stick... Any ideas? the only one i could find was on the far west edge. :wall:
  3. weeelll backspace killed a few paragraphs... lets try this again... HEY! i havent loged on to Runescape or tipit since sometime around 06 or 07 and everything seems so much diferent now, its a little overwhelming.. =S and to top it off my old account's recovery questions i think i might have just facerolled lol who knows but either way ive been thinking of making a new account and starting over, but i dont know if i can handle the changes, was wondering if anyone had any tips on starting again after so long away? >.< P.S. Is the OoC still around? And if so what realm are they hangin around on these days? KAH BAH GEE!!! ^_^
  4. Haha! i remembered my pass =D anywho... sorry to say but... i kinda do :XD:
  5. I played RS for about 3 years, quit last february cuz i couldnt stand how bad it had become. The entire game is being dumbed down cuz the kidz dont want to actualy have to think about what they are doing in the game. Few new players are willing to honestly try and get beter at the game and would rather beg for stuff. I cant go into a town on any world for more than 5 min without hearing some sort of scamm going on.
  6. Why must you be so mean? Waaah! :cry: Actually, you could've been in it if you were online. :P Instead of playing your silly $15 a month MMO. :o Tee hee. :P toucḫ̩̉̉ :roll:
  7. horible horible horible!!!! 3-10 :shame: im not in it! lol nice job nerd :
  8. i should stop reading these articles at 2:00 A.M -.- i just dont get as much out of them as i do when im fully awake :shock: but from what i could tell, it was good. it wasn't "omg awsome why do we need an editor you could do the articles" good but it was good. * *all things typed here were typed at 2:30 A.M so i have no clue what i said... in fact i prolly dont even remember typing this out anymore.*
  9. im happy with whatever they give out EXEPT!!! if its somthing they gave out already (still a little mad about the scared emote :evil: ) i have colected every holiday item since the rubber chicken. they set me apart from all the people who have startd since then.
  10. maybe its the muffin in your siggy :-w lol anywho i have no idea why i read this blog... none at all i dont even know how i got here :-s good luck on the cooking/fletching/mining lvls (which ever it may be you are working on at the moment) :thumbsup:
  11. thats what i was expecting but same to you i read alot of things dont post much :roll:
  12. 4/10 seen you somewere before :-k oh ya!! like 30 times in this topic
  13. d0m3n4t3r just *octuple* posted :shock: *yes its a word i looked it up* :
  14. *just noticed this dont feel like editing post* every computer at my school has a mouse with 1 button its mac or apple or w/e dont know if anyone said anything about this either but i g2g so ill do it quick 1 gold=300 gold as in 1 gold ore= 300gp :
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