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  1. When I was trying to get 90 combat and 70 defense, I was at orges. Took me about a week to achieve it because I took my time with it and used a lesser known spot over away from the main crowd. Just look around, people often choose closer known spots than someplace new to them.
  2. Congrats, this one of the most thought out rants I've seen. Its a bit short but you do get a point across. When I play it varies, if I don't have class the next day, then I'll play all night if I feel like it but if I have class, I may only play for a few hours afterwards. I don't give a flying leap if you play for 10 hours or 10 minutes, as long as you know when to stop, then don't bother me about playing too long.
  3. M4tty, are you trying to tick people off or do you just get the giggles from knowing that you're "superior" to low levels? I've seen some pretty rude high levels but you take the whole shabang. You think that just because you are high level, I'm supposed worship the ground you walk on? Hell no, I'd rather marry a polar bear in winter than worship you. Infact, you're so low on the respect meter, that even a level 3 beats you in it. You act like a total [bleep] towards me and lower levels? I'll act like one right back at you but wait, I forgot that lower levels don't know squat. M4tty, come back when you gain some common sense and some people skills because you're nothing more a little fish in a big pond. He wanted to explore it, what right do you have to say he couldn't? Oh wait, I forgot, you don't have a say in it because its not your game. Those monsters don't belong to you, they belong to Jagex, so you can either do 2 things, world hop or never log in again, your choice. I deal with morons on a daily basis at where I work but when I want to relax, I'm not going to let some little douchebag like you ruin it for me.
  4. m4tty, if you don't have anything constructive to say, then get the hell out. I'm sick of people like you, having to belittle somebody just because they have low esteem. Seriously, its was his freaking choice to go do it and explore it, now leave but that would require you to actually be nice to somebody for once. Now for back on topic, They're merely afraid that somebody was thinking outside the box. I went down there when I was 87 combat, stayed for a few minutes, then left. I knew that I wouldn't be able to survive for long down there but guess what, I had fun doing it anyway. I saw maybe 2-3 high levels and they were very nice to me and the rest minded their own business. They didn't yell at me because most of them were either busy working on slayer and the rest were a blast to talk to.
  5. Monkey Madness-Mainly because what other quest allows you to become a monkey? Forgettable Tale-Funny cut scenes, 'nuff said. King's Ransom was kind of fun.
  6. In my current state of affairs, I would tell myself, don't give up, when you die just keep at it, infact you'll be wearing rune armor and hitting high with a whip. One tip though, chop yews until you have 10k and sell them all off for 300 each, then you can buy your most wanted items.
  7. This is what I'm talking about. You guys deserve some bank space, maybe 3-4 spaces would be better but nothing else. You want more stuff, like more skills, more quests, more places to go and stuff to do in general, get members but I don't think that giving you free to play people a little bit of extra bankspace would hurt. To those who may call me a jerk because I have members, I have a 2nd account that I created to help keep my ego in check. I wish to keep my roots because I have come a long way from f2p.
  8. Level One-H.A.M. Level Two-Guard Level Three-Ankou My first ever clue was a level 2 and it was from a guard.
  9. Here is something I wish that Jagex would give to f2p is more bank space. Infact, I don't think giving you guys 1-2 extra bank rows would hurt. However if you want the following things Dragon weapons and armor Skill Capes Storage for random event and other items More Areas Etc. Get Members. You think I was members from the get go? Heck no, I was free to play at one point in time before I became pay to play. However if you guys and gals want more stuff, get members, end of story. Also, as to not sound like a butthole, I have a friend who is f2p and enjoys it but doesn't mind the idea of not getting members yet.
  10. I don't think you free to play people deserve stuff like more armors, dragon weaponry, etc but you guys do deserve some more bankspace. I know what it was like to deal with limited bankspace, I was f2p at one point in time before I got members. If you guys want more stuff, get members but giving you guys some extra bankspace wouldn't hurt at all.
  11. I liked the article because many of those points were correct. People tell me all the time, "Why don't you play a better game?" and my response is usually "Because I have friends who play on here and I just sit around and chat if I wanted to. Also, I play it because its fun to me. I don't care about graphics because I'm having fun just raising skills and joking around with friends." Also, I would like to say that I'm a proud member of gaia.
  12. I'm member yes but it takes the same amount of time for them to get to the report and deal with them. Whenever I got scammed, I reported the girl who scammed me but I just reported her and went about my merry way. Do you know how many botting reports they recieve in just free to play alone?
  13. How about this, you get one to two more bank rows and thats it. You want more items, quests, skills and just general stuff to do? Just pay 5 flipping dollars and you know what, I'm a college student, I work so I can pay for a game I enjoy playing. If you don't want to pay for more stuff to do, then quit whining about it. So the people who can pay for extra features are rich scum? Not our fault that we can scrape up the money to play and get extra stuff.
  14. Some girl was wanting to buy all my armor for 2 million so I go ahead and give her the stuff, then 20 seconds later, I'm out 300k+ in items. I was distracted and hit accept when I wasn't looking while trading so I had both been scammed and felt like banging my head against the wall because of a stupid mistake. I guess that I'll pay better attention, despite the fact that this was the only time I've fallen for a scam.
  15. Okay, this has gone on long enough. Deathbloom, post anymore crap like you are now and I'll report you for flaming, that goes for everybody else in this thread. It has gone off topic long enough so lets get this back on topic before it turns into a huge flame war.
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