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  1. omg! Offended! I may have quit, but i didn't make it on to your fame wall? :o :P ~(EX)Giarc
  2. Thanks for your (limited :P) comments, I might stay around tif.. we'll see.
  3. Oh em gee! Sir_Hartlar is back! With a vengence, i hope this pker is successful, would be cool to see those two annoying pkers from our f2p scimmy pking adventures finally fall to the blade/staff/arrows of the Hart. You never know, one day.. Lupous_Deus may rise up.. good luck! ~Giarc, retired.
  4. No soz that isnt the reason, rofl.... but thanks for your concern. :P just feel that i need to spend less time onlne.. quitting rs is best way to achieve that BYE
  5. You wouldn't have thought It, you've gone. So many good hours of teamwork and chatting with me under your belt. As I said a few days ago. It's also not as enjoyable for me anymore. But nonetheless, until the day comes (inevitably soon), I will stick to an hour or less a day. Let life be rewarding, Will. "Always remember, your life can't take your level away, but your level can take your life away."
  6. Still on the long slog to 85 slayer, considering my online time is now one hour a day during term time, this could take a long time. However, if I split it up in between other things, it should be fun.
  7. Heh, if I hadn't written that fake quitting post myself I could believe this straight away. But something in the back of my mind is saying it is another fake. Damn my quirky jokes! :uhh: I'll continue to make this post as if you were quitting, because to be honest that is a really convincing post. :-k I am not going to have any negative thoughts about you quitting, I shall tip my hat to you and applaud you loudly. We might say the amount of time we played was an 'addiction', and stopping an addiction is hard. I commend you for that. I don't think I am ready to stop playing just yet. I have a 99 on the horizon and still have many doors to open and reap the rewards. I wish you the best of luck, especially with finishing that aeroplane. :wink: Log on once in a while for a chat, kai? I made it sound like I was quitting perm. and never coming back, well I myself am not willing to completely end this, I will come on for maybe 45 minutes to an hour a day, but life, as you said before, is so more rewarding.
  8. I don't know how to put this Hart, but the time has actually come. I have been talking with (Jypsy) for a long time, the descision we have made is final. The amount of time spent on RuneScape can damage ones real life. Friendships, potential physical fitness and socialising is, if not only slightly dampened down by the hours and days spent on RuneScape. As I reached for the calculator by our side, the number came up quickly, approaching 3,000 hours spent on RuneScape. Our descision is final. (Jypsy) is forgetting about this account, and I will only revisit for maybe 30 - 45 minutes a day. We're both going all out to focus on the things above. Sorry if this damages your view to RuneScape at all, and sorry that the time we spend chatting will no longer be as lengthened. Enjoy the fun filled place that runescape is. Continue to thrive in your goals and achieve whatever is available. Xg4m3r, your friend. "Your life can't take your level away, but your level can take your life away".
  9. Yo! This evening was interesting, met up with Taity who further apologised for my spear mishap. I said don't worry about it and explained that I had experienced how hard it is to get it from the bottom of the pile. Nonetheless he proceeded to give me 1k soul runes and 2 glories. Later on I decided to attempt to sell my full Torag's. if I wasn't certain i'd say that prices on Torag have gone up. Managed to sell full without hammers for a crazy 1.6m cash. Buying the skirt now. Have fun!
  10. 1 time before :P Who's seen Teh Giarcnosam then? :o
  11. Because "seven" isn't a colour. Seven is a number. So you couldn't refere to the colour of your hair being a number. Why do Americans spell colour, color and through, thru?
  12. [joke] Actually, it's funny you should say that. Even being a joke, the way you put it there has forced me to realise the reality of this game. The feeling of achievement is nothing compared to what's on the other side of the scales. The amount of time spent on this pixelated world is unreal, so, has come to my attention that it is indeed time, the Giarc says goodbye. I have made so many friends, had so many experiences, but life can be no competition and my desicision is final. Sorry, I can't wholey justify my quitting further. Enjoy. [/joke] OOPS! FORGOT THE JOKE TAGS!! :pppp
  13. They need to update firemaking so fires burn with a flame, not a fan blowing on orange sugar paper.
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