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  1. Yea I was wrong about price, I just found a few on craiglist for 100 and then i can ge ta 4gb memory stick for 20 bucks.. so yea pretty cheap imo. anyway i didnt really like FFX for my ps2 cause im not in to turn-based fighting
  2. As I am still in high school with no income at the moment as they say "I like to get the most bang for my buck." Anyway reason I'm here is because at the moment I have a Ipod classic 30GB and feel like its being wasted. My entire music collection is about 3GB and with all the movies, around 15 so I think the Ipod wasnt a great idea. Also I kind of want a gaming system, and I am extremely cheap and plan on using modding my PSP to play games, etc. Anyway I use my ipod all the time at school and it's a decent size, fits nicely in my palm, jeans pocket, hoodie pocket, w/e. I was wonderning if a PSP is a good replacement for my ipod(size) while also being easy to access songs and to top it off, be a good game system. Looking at cragslist, it seems that I can get a PSP slim for about 100 without anything with it. I have friends with Pandora's so thats not a problem. Also is the game selection pretty good? list me some good games....i already have some planned like god of war, daxter, GTA, but really any game since i wont be buying any ill be using a mem stick.... is the psp easy to use to music? like can u just press on button and take 10 seconds to start playing a song? i wanna be able to easily play songs in class. also ive heard the web broswer sucks really really badly....never tried it so idk but yea could i like at least browse forums, use aim,etc? man i ramble on and on...anyway hyt to everyone this is my first post in like a month since ive retired from rs :
  3. I think granite is now gonna be a new junk...because of the new uptade granite is worth not even close to what it once was. also the rise u saw is a jagex changing it...its not possible for players to make any price go up that high lolz.
  4. Wowzers d chain, bandos armour,dfs and bgs went up =0 i guess they reached their minimum for now. invest while u can :thumbsup:
  5. DFS went up 50k, but what's this about Bandos? I suggest you look at the GE Database again for that one. 3rd age is still rising though. Heh i just bought myself a dfs at max =0 also of course 3rd age is gonna rise, if every 3rd sold on ge wasnt on max id be surprised.....do you have any idea what the junk prices are?
  6. 250 gp a blue charm? that would make even me able to get 99 summoning in 1 trip =/
  7. Thats why you should sell your items before u quit members =/
  8. To be honest it doesnt make much sense...there used to be an overflow on rune scimies to the point where people would buy 100 just to alch them =/...i guess too many alchers? idk
  9. Interestingly I have 70 summoning and have never used it altho ive heard its great at waterfiends...how much spec bar does it use?
  10. 1. mm the distractions thing sounds lame 2.Sequel to SoS better not be the same crap as the first one...seriously a revenant ring? 3.looking forward to clan wars uptade. 4.mm the varrock thing sounds epic...but ill have to wait to pass judgement.
  11. Tbh I think 3rd is just people tired of waiting for Jagex to fix prices and smart enough to know that junking 100mil is extremely stupid...so theyre selling it....i doubt its b/c of dupes...but then again who knows
  12. ty for translating my message from my idiotic-onuasdad's-unreadable-and-neglected-spammy-message to TIF langauge. I appreciate it. You forgot the sarcasm html tag! ;) They do this for suspense! I was'nt being sarcastic abut that... everyne on TIF ignores my posts so I'mglad someoe else said it so people would get to the point. Someone needs a hug : how is ure sentence negleced...just cause 50 ppl dont quote doesnt mean its neglected =/ im sure no one ignores you on purpose...altho having a little more info on ure posts is nice :P
  13. Jagex is a fan of releasing teasers, sometimes i think that they make the first part, then let the us think of the rest...i mean theyre only human and ideas dont come out of nowhere =0
  14. SSSHT don't tell those secrets to have carefree rs live to everyone! :P on a more serious note: I don't know about that "duping": Won't believe it if I don't see it with my own eyes. But I've heard from various sources about this problem now already (rsof, here, just in runescape at different world..) On the other hand, I've seen with my own eyes there's a lot of panic selling going on: and when the pure ess was rising high a similar thing happened when there was a lot of panic buying.. I bet people will soon notice they still like their old weaponry: and buy it back.. Sure the price won't get as high as it was usual (just like the pure essence price after bumping to 170 ea never got back to 100-120), but I think it will go up quite a bit again in 1-2 weeks.. @nightzero: well I cancelled membership quite a few times in the past, 1 time for 1 year... But why would I sell my stuff: it's not like you actually ever need more than 10m as f2p! I agree, duping is one of those things that you need solid proof to believe in. Definetely panic selling going on, someone was accepting 2mil in junk for bandos tassets, too bad i had no junk at the time :? Perhaps...perhaps...this is the problem with jagex talking about uptades to early..speculation makes the world go 'round(stocks) and its no exception in Runescape. I also believe that the new pking armour/weapons will be no replacement for GWD stuff, althought I am glad that I saved at least 6mil buying a dfs 3 weeks later than expected : I just canceled my membership (20 days left) and I am selling most of my items, I'd rather sell my fury, bgs,etc,etc now rather than getting members in 2 months and finding out furies are 2mil and bgs are 15mil(just a random price)...so yea...also I need lots of money to alch in f2p...addy plates arent cheap =P
  15. You wont think that when/if you cancel your members, which is mostly the case here.
  16. Can't Jagex detect such a dupe? I mean, when someone suddenly has 20 extra sets of Third Age armor, someone else has to notice? What if they dont sell it? The reason Jagex found out about the phat dupe way back in the days was because people started mass selling pink phats, if theyre smart and only sell like 1 a day or something, jagex wont have a reason to be suspicious, but then again i'm not sure how it works.
  17. But the drop seems bigger that just school starting...seriously take a look at the GE. also in your theory wouldnt prices go up when school ends? i didnt see that =0
  18. Sure I think it might drop a little for school, but these items just keep dropping. I would be willing to bet that at least 2 godswords drop at least 500k each day for the next week. I didnt notice this last year, and even though there was no ge I used to keep up with street prices as I used to be a merchanter.
  19. Meh I'm gonna have to disagree with your last line, people dont pk with full armadyl a fury,d legs or bandos armour =P, idk maybe gs's might go up when pking comes out just because of the hype but i think the rest are gonna keep going down...but thats just me :
  20. Sure less people will be playing RS but does that mean all the items will reduce by over 30%? thats just crazy... altho you might be half-right. My theory is that last week (right before school started) some people cancelled members or decided they arent gonna play much/at all during school. Then they started selling their items minimum to get rid of them...next day items had dropped as much as possible. Some people looked at ge and decided that they might keep dropping and they didnt wanna lose money...which started a big chain reaction which might just keep going =0 That's the biggest con about GE database, it can easily make people freak out. People see an item drop by 500k in 2 days and run to ge to sell it. before the database they wouldn't because it wasnt so convienient to see how much % an item dropped by in how many days, etc,etc
  21. Meh the other two only focused on ags and ss, they were talking about how people realized those 2 arent worth the price. I'm saying that its freaking crazy how just about every item is plummeting....i guess maybe the start of school?
  22. Yea I know my title is kinda exaggerating :P but anyway has anyone noticed that other than some treasure trail items, almost all expensive things prices are going down? its not just gwd either..... tbh its pissing me off, I didnt log on for 2 weeks and find out I lost about 10mil =/ ah well... I think I'll let the numbers speak for themselves... Item -------------- Change Armadyl godsword 25.0m Zamorak godsword 4.6m Bandos godsword 6.7m Saradomin godsword 11.4m Bandos chestplate 3.8m Dragon chainbody 1.9m Dragonfire shield 5.7m Saradomin sword 1.9m Amulet of fury 267.5k Dragon axe 337.7k Dragon platelegs 118.5k Infinity hat 335.8k Item -------------- Change Armadyl godsword 13.7m Zamorak godsword 4.5m Bandos godsword 4.1m Saradomin godsword 6.1m Saradomin sword 1.4m Bandos chestplate 3.1m Dragon chainbody 1.3m Dragonfire shield 2.1m Amulet of fury 227.9k Dragon axe 138.7k Dragon platelegs 49.5k Infinity hat 145.8k 7 days is less than 1/4th of 30 but as you can see from the above changes this past week accounts for more than half the month. Discuss : mmm..I'd say barrows are the most stable high level armour yet they are also changing..not as big changes as the above but look Guthan's set -1.7m Interestingly none of the others sets have moved much at all. I'm not sure but I predict guthans will settle for 4.5... On a completely different note its nice to see that animal masks are getting sold through the ge, I'm pretty sure junk trading for masks will soon die out. However dont get excited about 3rd age moving, its only a few scattered cases.
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