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  1. U need overgrowns in order to bank them, which means u can start stacking them Yup RSC is my first home tehehe
  2. Yup, Yup, its finally here. Another Overgrown Cat collection update will be posted shortly. The number is @ 536 The plan again is to hit 1k Overgrowns. I don't think I'll be trading in my collection netime soon, just so ppl will know. Yes, you can stack *only Overgrowns in your bank*. Also, you do get 100 Deaths per Overgrown Cat, so atm I'd have 53.6k Deaths accumulated during this collection run. So without further adieu here's my collection:
  3. Thanks to those that came, and everyone who wish me congrats that couldnt come.
  4. This is my current Overgorwn Count: My long term goal is to get 1k but short term is 500 which I'm 10 away.
  5. did u have to talk to nebody first in order to get the visage drop?
  6. dont really like rares.... sorry didn't see u don't like rares...but sersouly u should sell cats for deaths... i would sell them but i put to much time into collecting them, it holds some sentimental value
  7. how did i hack when i told u its from a quest idiot, read past post u numb skull.
  8. you do the quests, talk to gertrude and get kitty, feed and play with kitty until it gets to a cat ignore the cat until its overgrown and bank it. repeat the process
  9. this is typical from a pathetic kid trying to pass a bank that really isnt his/ If he actually did show it in the main rs client and not some p servers then I\d be impressed but sadly im not. Obviously this isn;t a recent screen ive seen this screen many times b4 gf on passing the screen u newb.
  10. Yaya, wish if I ever wanted to make that kind of money I don't have to barrow :) I hate it so much!?! Congrats buddy keep it up
  11. Curtis Josep Drops 4/18/2007- 4/21/2007 The last 3 days this is what I got..... No chain in the 3 days.... Like 200 queens..
  12. sorry, to hear about the scam... every1 i know has been in contact with a scam of some sort... I myself have been scam by a friend and lost full guthans. he said he was using for jad but after he got he tellied and logged. luv the blue mask, hopefully u get that santa back.
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