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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Kriegsmier

    10 years

    2004 join date here for me as well. Been playing on and off since classic.
  3. Kriegsmier


    Plasti dipped the rims today. Began to hate the chrome....to flashy. This saved me about $1000 by not having to buy new wheels. Pic was taken before I cleaned up the tires after spraying. Blacked out the side markers and got the windows tinted as well.
  4. Kriegsmier


    Thats cool with me. I'm past the days of loud sound systems, cool rims, top speeds, etc. I'm not trying to kill myself street racing or trying to show off to kids in matchbox rice mobiles lol. I enjoy a daily driver that looks great, sounds great, and one that resembles the classics more than any on the road which has more than enough power to get up and go when I want it to. Not to mention how many compliments and head turns/stares I get daily....just adds to it! Just out of pure curiosity might I inquire as to what model Challenger you "killed"?
  5. Kriegsmier


    Gave me enough to push me over the edge to where I wanted to be with this deal lol but it wasn't anything overly impressive. Had low miles (for a jeep of that year) but needed body work. My first real mod is on its way. Just a simple catch can to collect all that extra oil and keep the engine clean. Did a full wash, claybar, polish, and wax job on the car yesterday I'll have to get some pictures in the next few days.
  6. Kriegsmier


    I traded in my 13 year old (10 of those my years) Jeep Cherokee for this one lol Figured I better get it out of my hair before something goes terribly wrong.
  7. Kriegsmier


    I paid 29k out the door for this one. Sticker was 35.9k. I'll believe the new Cuda once I see it, it will most likely be way out of my price range anyway especially because it will probably be an SRT platform car. Given that the 6.2 Hellcat will be in 2015 and cost a staggering amount compared to the normal SRT8s which already run into the high 40s and 50s i'm not holding my breath for the Cuda. If you really are serious about getting one, check in August or September. 2014 models will be hitting the lots in those months (they start being built in July) and I'm sure you can find deals on leftover 2013s. No doubt you can get some serious power for the cost of a Camaro or Mustang, Challengers lack the power honestly but have plenty for my needs. They also give me plenty of room, a huge trunk, a back seat people can actually sit in, good visibility in the car, and the roar of a Hemi engine. In 2015 Challengers are getting a HUGE refresh. New interior, more power from the engines, brand new platform basically. I've always loved the Challenger above the others because of its looks, and you see everyone driving a mustang or camaro but don't see as many Challengers. Really a personal preference though. I highly suggest you test drive a Challenger before settling on one.
  8. Kriegsmier


    Trust me, it drives just as good as it looks! The first day I had it, I told myself that this car is going to be the car that gets me in trouble....it can get up and go. Very comfortable too, tons of room.
  9. Kriegsmier


    Just wanted to show off my new car. Its all stock right now, don't plan to do much to it other than visually, like tint the windows and paint some stuff in the engine bay. Probably a new cold air intake as well. Toying with the idea of putting on dual silver stripes as well like this one:
  10. Kriegsmier


    Unfortunately not mine, but the department I work for just got new cars. Pretty sick If I do say so myself....beast of a car.
  11. Well, I didn't win it. No one in SC did. Sorry to be selfish but I hope no one wins it so it can be pretty much 1 Billion dollars next week. I did win $3 though...not the big winner, but not a loser.
  12. Got my tickets. First thing I'd do is get separated from the military (they actually do this), then I'd propose to my gf on the spot, and proceed in building/designing our dream house. Replace my old beat up 2000 Jeep with a new car, and throw the majority of it in the bank/stocks/investments. I'd give some to my family and close friends as well to make their lives easier. I'm sure I would do some traveling. Most of all, the biggest thing I would do is stop worrying, financially set for life...my future kids and family would be set as well. Retire at the age of 25? Sounds good to me.
  13. West Virginia made the right move. If I had any power I'd get the Big 12 to pickup 2 more teams. Clemson and Florida state, then they could form an eastern division and have 3 of the 6 division teams already on the east coast. If they wanted to go a step further someone like Louisville or NCST might be good too for the east division. Then they could expand all the way to 14. Eh, thats what I would do. And being a Clemson fan is rough....I hate the ACC. I want a playoff, don't like the BCS. Though I'm glad its kept out the Boise States mostly....play a real schedule and you will get rewarded.
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