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  1. The collection still growing strong hahaha. 1,100 strong, yall better not mess with me or I release them :lol:. Neways not a big deal but still an accomplishment for those that have followed the collection. :rolleyes:
  2. Wanna give a big shout out to those that attended the big event. Those that waited for my kitty to grow lolz.... sry misjudgement on my part. Lets get to the pictures first. 1K Cat, Most famous Cat ever in Rs, more famous then BOB TBH. 1K Overgrown Cats, Purple is ftw & tons of clicking -.0
  3. Nov 22nd Edge 4:30PM What to bring HP Cape & Clockwork Cat Video with Details PNfbUQOkclg
  4. I think he's rich enough anyways, he's almost maxxed out. I don't think 30m is gonna do much to his bank. :lol: al my cash went into skills, not that rich lol
  5. As most of you know, I have hit 999 Overgrown Cats Just want to thank everybody in the community that has commented on this thread and the support that everyone has shown me Quick video of my collection up to date. MZeVXKwDS9I 999 Overgrown Cats: Don't forget to vote, if you want your voice heard >.< so cliche
  6. As we near the final goal of 1,000 cats, polls will be up to see what I would do with the collection. More info to be released soon.
  7. 950 Cats We are getting closer and closer, remember you can check the CC for the cat to cat updates.
  8. Update Bank Video http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=O5xAc_J43-s Vid of my 900th Cat on Yt, Also working on my bank vid as promised http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=5OcMpVBdBjg Just another epiv goal surpassed, time to get the last 100 to the epic mark of 1k Making Video of 900 cats and Bank Video to be uploaded on YT later
  9. As MANY of you have requested here's my new bank picture, yes there's an update with the cat collection. Hope y'all like it, no ratings are necessary, and it's confirmed that I'll be trading my cats after the summon release, there's no point for raising cats, because Summon will take that away from me. There's just no way I can raise cats whle training summoning. Like to say thanks to everyone that has supported the collection. Hope you enjoy the bank picture and the collection because thats probably the last time it will be seen. I'm proud of this collection as it's unique and hopefully someone will get more then me some day, because I would love to see another collection like this again someday.
  10. I finally decided to update my Cat collection to those that have been interested in seeing this collection grow slow but steadily. 2 Achievements to note: I finally achieved one of my goals of getting 100 of every color which will be shown in the screeny below. Also, I reached 700 Cats which is another milestone/ step to my ultimate goal of 1k Cats. With the upcoming summoning skill I'll probably have to sell off this collection for some money since Summon isn't a cheap skill as RS has eluded to in there updates. So, the collection be aborted very quickly and the Cats will be dealt with turning them into deaths for quick cash. *Authenticated* Sorry, for all the NFS ruining the picture, gotta put it there to block Ebayers. Hopefully the collection keeps growing. I know as of this far into the collection that this is the biggest collection in RS so far. Hopefully others will join me in collecting these guys and I'll get to see other collections.
  11. I've killing penguins but no luck, maybe the person was ranging or maging them? All I did was melee them.
  12. Somone had already posted this but, this is also apart of the summon release. You can kill these in the Rum Quest kill the Zombies for them. You probably will have to put them in water to raise them until there adults On another note, it seems that my cat collection will be halted, by the up coming summon release, so no more cats for awhile :( Sorry for Yammering here's the picture:
  13. sadly i still own u in rsc stats.... u own me in rs2 stats but o well, only 2 or so yrs of rs2.
  14. As many of you know or that have followed me through this massive goal of mine. The plan of it is to slap 1k overgrowns and probably sell them off for 100 Deaths per. Without further adieu here's the 600 Cats sitting in my bank. *Authenticated* Hopefully the collection keeps growing. I know as of this far into the collection that this is the biggest collection in RS so far. Hopefully others will join me in collecting these guys and I'll get to see other collections. I know that Reedtz has a nice collection growing and it will be great to see his collection grow. Happy Collectiong.
  15. As many of you know, I've been working really hard on trying to surpass my last big event, when I lvled 3 skills to there max. This time I decided to get 6. It been a long and archuous journey and I'm proud to say that I will be finishing the goal this week. Party Details: World: 130 Date: August 26th Time: *unknown*lol Meeting Point: Edgeville Anyone can join my chat which will be opened to the RS community. The Levels that I'm getting are Prayer, Fletching, Construction, Range, Slayer, and Magic. The Drop Party Inventory. That is pretty much it for now. More details will be posted when I get them. Not much of a drop party due to Construction breaking the bank. But I hope every1 can make and cant wait to see you guys out there.
  16. nope just get an overgrown and u can start stacking them in bank. regarding the noted question u sadly cant them so it will be a pain to trade if i decided to cash them
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