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  1. I'm, a super ninja. Super Ninja > Ninja. 53hp
  2. I smash the wall with my fractite maul. 50hp
  3. I start delivering the finishing blow combining a Nuke, Fireball, Lightning strike and ofcourse strikedown with a huge super mega duper hammer and crush the wall letting nothing live of that wall. 0 Freaking HP. WE WINNNN!
  4. There are only 3 bricks left of the wall. I take 1. 2hp
  5. I mine into the wall with my fractite pickaxe. 4hp
  6. I heal my self by disabling your prayer. 8hp
  7. Then he suffers a nervous breakdown, because so many people are hurting it. 28hp
  8. Drummer, i am one. Not intense metal though. That's too tiring. but Drummer! Would you rather be jamming with led zeppeling or stoning with Tenacious d?
  9. Shoots the wall. Indeed you are wrong! 30hp
  10. Dragon grabs robo wall. 32hp
  11. Robo wall pukes out his memory chip 32hp
  12. Robo wall pukes out his memory chip 32hp
  13. I bring 2 girls one cup to puke at him. 34hp
  14. I pok├ęball catch the wall but in stead of catching him the ball hits the wall. 41hp
  15. Gehackte


    The problem with pures is when they walk by and I am just training my str or att or def or anything in my rune or addy armour. They start saying def noob. Etc. I agree there are many nice pures. But most of them should change their attitude towards other players.
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