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  1. actually he has section 1 labeled twice. :D
  2. I did 2k alchs with it 8 feet away(while watching American Pie) from the computer. Did you save the settings? the save button is in the bottom right side.
  3. I can confirm it. Your hand, if you are talking about the other site, the usb port of your pc. If you bothered to read the guide. its not using a wii to play rs, its using a wii controller to use your pc.
  4. you dont deserve it, you dont pay :P Ill support j00 blackbear. OOK OOK!
  5. It takes some getting used to. its kinda hard to get the mouse on small objects though.
  6. The guide is to use an xbox controller to use your pc. read before you post. :wall: I am working on mine atm
  7. 10/10 great guide! I think im going to try it, Do you personally use it for rs?
  8. Great Guide, but the pictures needs to be cropped and there need to be more of them.
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