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  1. I had aidemoi on will-e-g's list and i remember seeing her arround catherby bank all the time, cooking her food on the range right next to it
  2. I'm the leader of the squirrels you probably found my coded name Ecureye = Ecureuil translation of Squirrel :o you found out about my diabolic plan I shall now kill you all, prepare to die.
  3. Actually tele, frankywise is unbanned :DDD!!!
  4. I think you can only be proud from getting those levels when you are f2p
  5. Id say fighting is the best money maker kill giants get their bones and sell em for 300gp ea is pretty easy if you want my opinion and it might somtimes equal the serveral hours on forums trying to sell a mask for the .01 profit ull make on the price u bought it
  6. yea sorry i didnt mean too :P thanks tho
  7. Lil slayer Raimus Telemichus Ganesha Desimus please gimmy some news of my pals :)
  8. Yep I used to :) Ive been in lotsa good clans just too bad everybody I knew well is like gone cuz their all 120 over and got bored of rs I was 111 when i left one year ago and now I'm restarting with my lvl 60 noob mage
  9. that used to be me :)
  10. Yes I'm back as a new guy tho, I've left one year ago and I recently came back as Ecureye I'm starting over my rs life :) all my old friends i've lost contact with can add me ill be more than glad to talk to you again
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