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  1. do u use photoshop... i just got it and its freaking better than my old editor...
  2. OMG so many spelling and grammar mistakes!! i can't understand "need easter egg ring and easter egg glory amulete"
  3. ACTULLY I proved against that with my brother... When you have a person in Ignore list the person in the ignore list can still TALK and SEE you ONLINE... but you can't see it...(Private On) I added my bro to ignore and he could still see me on.. (i have two Computers) This is Wrong... Ignored people shoud NOT see you ONLINE.... Great suggestion... The only way to do this is turn private chat to friends.... Edit: Nick_6464 I didn't meat to flame don't take it as flame....
  4. i saw that you had a question about the official rs font and a tip.iter here by the name of bloodveld has a link for downloading it. As far as i know, it isn't against any copyright infringements or any of that junk. here ya go http:members.home.nl/maxthedragon/downloads/PossibleKeylogger i tried downloading it myself before but i can't do it cuz i dont have the program/software WinZip which i geuss you need to have to open it or something. anyway, there ya go. EDIT: what the hell?!?! i guess tip.it edited it cuz they think it has a keylogger or something. contact bloodveld on forums if u have questions then cuz i got it from his site. You do know that, that link is dead and its not written in the proper syntax.... so therefor i can't use it :(
  5. i noticed that b 4 but i din't really bother me, and i think the price of pick axes would lower alot...
  6. yea... i think inferno you should put the links before the sigs.... so people can notice the links... just saying... :)
  7. Yea ur right.... :) but i wish the font was like arial or something.... Hmmmm i have a goal now... make a true type font just like the rs one.... but that maybe copyrighting...
  8. Just a question: Whats the runescape font's name? I never seem to find the right one.... What i did in my pics i always cut and paste letter by letter... it gets boring aferwards...
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