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  1. Your guide is unreadable on the IP.Board theme.
  2. Lobsters are way more popular as you can sell them easily. With swordfish, you waste a lot of time on tuna which is harder to sell.
  3. I understand that completely, I'm the same way. Thieving is the worst skill in the game for me to train.
  4. 1. Block lists are subjective, you can make it for tasks that are inefficient/annoying (spiritual warriors) or for tasks that you don't personally like. If you plan on cannoning a lot of tasks, you might want to block tasks that are inconvenient or unprofitable to cannon. 2. You should extend the ones you don't mind fighting, abby demons is a good one, ankous is another good one. Metal dragons is up to you, opening up new tasks is also up to you, if you want to deal with them. I can't really answer that for you. 3. Cannoning normally results in a loss unless you get really luck with drops. If you are doing it on every single task then yes, you will lose a lot of money. 4. Melee is sufficient for most tasks if you have the proper gear. 5. Not sure, maybe someone else can answer.
  5. It's a new scifi/crime drama set in the near future featuring a cop and his robot partner. I'm a big fan of Karl Urban and he hasn't disappointed. The chemistry thus far between Urban and Ealy is fantastic and really carries the show. Looking forward to more!
  6. Go to 4chans pokemon board, there's always a friend safari thread up, I'm sure you could find someone there with ditto.
  7. This is true, if you don't see a bush you think will continue the chain, just charge up the pokeradar by walking into grass that didn't shake until it fully charges then use it again.
  8. The new shiny rate is double what it used to be, so about 1/4000. Which makes masuda method about 1/700 ( a little less, cbf grabbing the exact number). These numbers are coming from the same guys who found the 3 event pokes.
  9. Gyra is currently my go to counter to talonflame, intimidate is great at stopping that stupid bird from putting on a long sweep. Gengar honestly isn't pulling his weight, so I'll prob swap him for something like an orb'ed terrakion with quick attack/stone edge/close combat/xscissor, unless someone has a better suggestion. As for sylveon, I should just swap his ability to cute charm instead, it was something I overlooked. I've had a lot of success with his kit so far so I want to keep it. If moonblast wasn't so strong I might consider using a normal type attack for the added power, however moonblast has a 30% chance to lower special attack so I can't justify using anything else. Heatran provides me with fire/poison immunity for anything aimed at sylveon/aggron. Aggron really is a powerhouse. Only his lack of leftovers hurts him, and that's why I have a wish passer. Roserade is a very important grass coverage that my team lacked ( I got walled by a gastrodon in my first game with this team), immunity to spore, and can get rid of toxic spikes should they come up (haven't seen them yet though). Thinking about Gengar now though, losing him means I lose ground/fighting immunity, which are good opportunities to switch in. Hmm.
  10. Current competitive team: Aggron @ AggroniteAbility: SturdyEVs: 252 HP / 4 SDef / 252 DefImpish Nature- Stealth Rock- Earthquake- Thunder Wave- Aqua Tail Sylveon @ LeftoversAbility: PixilateEVs: 252 SDef / 252 HP / 4 SAtkCalm Nature- Wish- Protect- Moonblast- Heal Bell Gengar @ LeftoversAbility: LevitateEVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HPTimid Nature- Substitute- Disable- Sludge Bomb- Shadow Ball Gyarados @ LeftoversAbility: IntimidateEVs: 88 HP / 248 Atk / 4 Def / 168 SpdJolly Nature- Dragon Dance- Bounce- Waterfall- Substitute Roserade (F) @ Life OrbAbility: TechnicianEVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 HPTimid Nature- Hidden Power [Fire]- Sludge Bomb- Giga Drain- Toxic Spikes Heatran @ Air BalloonAbility: Flash FireEVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 SpdTimid Nature- Lava Plume- Earth Power- Toxic- Hidden Power [ice] I'm really lacking in rock coverage and priority right now. I play in the pokebank OU tier since that's the tier that will be standard once pokebank comes out. Any suggestions (prob gonna give roserade lefties instead of orb)
  11. The floette is just leftover from the ingame story, they had to have a model of it. The two vivillion patterns (especially the pokeball one) will probably be event vivillions where they advertise it as an exclusive pattern.
  12. There's another theory about that one. Instead of being a new mega, it's possible that there might be a way to fuse latias and latios, which would give you the purple color. That 3d model is used for both latias and latios.
  13. /vp/ is doing a massive pumpkaboo wonder trade dump today is probably what he's referring to. I'm sure other people are doing it as well, since it's halloween.
  14. Identical. If I get a shiny Honedge, I'm definitely keeping it as a Doublade. They are not identical at all. The hilt is completely different which is the most defining feature.
  15. Chesnaut is actually looking to be decently strong. Bulletproof is surprisingly strong. He can almost completely wall Gengar (immune to shadow ball/sludge bomb/focus blast from bulletproof, resist tbolt, though gets hit by dazzling gleam if he's running it). Delphox is the weakest of the starters this gen competitive wise. Here's a list of everything bulletproof is known to block so far: Shadow ball Aura sphere Energy ball Mud bomb Sludge bomb Seed bomb Ice ball Focus blast Gyro Ball Electro ball Bullet seed Acid Spray Barrage Egg Bomb Magnet Bomb Octazooka Weather Ball Rollout Acid spray Bullet punch is not blocked http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/bulletproof.3490443/ I've been trying out mega houndoom on showdown today, he's alright. He gets solar power as an ability, and has dark/grass/fire/poison coverage which is lackluster but workable. He's still pretty slow, only 115 base speed in his mega form with 140 special attack. He's reliant on having sun up so I run lead ninetales with heat rock. I'm looking for pokes that can counter talonflame. I was thinking one of the water/rock types to resist both of his stabs, I have carracosta on my team atm but I haven't faced one to try it yet and he's not that good. Any suggestions? I really hate that things ability. 120 bp priority move is dumb.
  16. Do share. Lots of rumors, not much confirmation. I've seen a screenshot of a "albino" pikachu but that's the only thing. If there really was a new type of shiny I figure after 2 weeks we would have confirmed that by now.
  17. There's been some big speculation as to 3 new event pokemon that have possibly been discovered (unobtainable yet though). Spoilered for anyone who doesn't want to know, but these will probably be event pokes at some point, though not much is known so far.
  18. My Fennekin had reduced spec atk, my Bulbasaur had reduced spec atk, and my Pancham had reduced attack :\\\ My brother was happy to find a Helioptile from Lep's safari, thanks for that :) Well I'm glad someone found it useful. Pachirisu Manectric and Helioptile arn't very popular choices. :P
  19. Yeah I think I mentioned defog buffs a page ago. I'm still disappointed about stealth rock not being nerfed. It cripples too many pokes since it takes weaknesses into account.
  20. Heard rumors that sticky web is a new entry hazard that lowers speed. Also that the ability clear body now ignores entry hazards.
  21. You can chain fish to get shinies apparently. About to try the method myself. It's been confirmed by tons of people so it's definitely legit. What you do is put something with suction cups at the front of your party, find an enclosed area, and start fishing. Just don't miss a hook or move and your chances of finding a shiny will go up. Here's an image. http://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/1ow5db/high_fishing_chains_higher_shiny_chance_post_from/ [hide] [/hide] Added all of you. Saradomin, have your brother add my code. 2079-7199-1559
  22. Managed to get myself a Modest Mewtwo with perfect Def SpAtk and Speed IVs. Currently super training him for spatk and speed. Training my Zygarde as well. Hp/Attack evs and going to run coil/glare/outrage/eq. While it's pretty much 100% certain that mewtwo and his forms will remain ubers, Zygarde has been speculated as ou/uu thus far.
  23. Some pokemon got stat buffs for the first time since the gen 2 special defense introduction. http://www.serebii.net/xy/updatedstats.shtml Most notable, Scolipede gained 10 attack giving it 100 base attack along with speed boost. Alakazam also received 10 special defense, bringing him to 95. Defog now removes hazards including rocks and spikes on both sides of the field. The ability infiltrator now ignores subsitutes. The ability oblivious now is immune to taunt. http://www.serebii.net/xy/updatedabilities.shtml
  24. Finished the Elite 4 today at about 50 hours. My safari is electric with manectric, pachirisu, and helioptile. Pretty garbage, but if you want solar power helioptiles use my safari. ALG yours is water with Quagsire, Octillery, and won't know the last until you finish the e4.
  25. I'm about 45 hours in now, 7 badges, just caught Yvetal. My team is Vivillion, Aegislash, Greninja, Mega Gengar, Malamar, and Hawlucha. I've pretty much soloed the entire game with Vivillion, using greninja for double battles and the occasional poke vivillion can't handle.
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