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  1. The most significant change is this: Removed flares from gunner position in helicopters. With the right combination of unlocks, an attack helicopter could be effectively invulnerable to lock on missiles. Removing the flares from the gunner balances the attack helicopter against ground fire. On higher level servers (everyone uses mics/coordination) helicopters were extremely vulnerable, even with flares. Now they are almost pointless to even use. In a 1v1 helicopter engagement, both choppers will end up disabled. If someone on the ground has a stinger or a jet comes by with heatseekers the helicopter has no defense now. Yes along with the m16 nerf it looks like the AEK will be the most dominant weapon, something that a lot of high level players have already gravitated to. This will further cement it as the go to assault rifle. \ Yep, mortar is still garbage. It did get a small buff by showing the explosion on the aim screen. But that was it. Laster designation shouldn't even be allowed on the scout helicopters IMO, since they get the missile. They're too maneuverable to be effectively taken down by tanks, fast enough to be able to fly away to re-arm missiles, and can be repaired while in the air. Way OP if the pilot is actually good. It's one of the very things that makes Noshahr Canals unbearable. And I don't believe you actually cook them, you just hold the grenade. Maybe they changed it, but the last time I tried, i held it for 10 seconds and nothing happened, and exploded like normal. Are you kidding? The scout choppers are extremely slow and are easy targets for tanks and rpg's. If you are running smoke (which you should, there's almost no reason to run anything else) scout choppers can't do anything to you when you are in a tank.
  2. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/news/view/2832654785571482527/ Patch notes are up.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEE5C0DWi7U&feature=player_embedded More armored kill footage. EDIT: Meh, removed already. It's the premium exclusive video that was released today on battlelog, if you have premium you'll be able to view it there.
  4. Yeah they said at e3 i think that aftermath is set right after the campaign earthquake. ' Armored Kill on consoles will be limited to 5 maps, though I have my doubts how enjoyable it will be. I have premium though so I get it reguardless! The release date is september 11th for everyone, not sure how they are going to work the ps3 exclusive/premium early content. If they do it like close quarters it should be ps3 premium august 21st, xbox/pc premium august 28th, ps3 regular september 4th, and everyone else september 11th. But we'll see. EDIT: Actually the premium edition's release date is sept 11th. Armored kill still has no confirmed date.
  5. Armored kill and the first aftermath footage.
  6. Probably the flashlight lol.
  7. If I'm going aggressive recon, I normally put on the m417 and place my mav in a crucial location and let it act as a motion sensor, rather than flying it around spotting. I'd rather have another gun on the ground and minimap spotting than having 1 person dedicated to 3d spotting. I speak for consoles only with our limited player count, however. PC can afford having someone flying a MAV and just spotting the whole match.
  8. Yeah I never meant to imply bolt action sniping is good, however, if you were to do it, it is best when you are defending as you can still stay near the objectives and snipe people running up to the base.
  9. Been playing with it all night on the pbe. His new dance is tier 1 for sure. How do the upcoming buffs fare? I'm not a chogath player so I couldn't really judge it. I'm more excited about the yorick nerf than anything else this patch. They're halving his omen of famines healing effect when it attacks minions.
  10. Sniping on defence is best, if you snipe when you are on attacker side, you are putting your team at a disadvantage by not being near the objectives.
  11. Been playing with it all night on the pbe. His new dance is tier 1 for sure.
  12. Battlefield for me. Vehicles added in the mix are a huge dynamic that CoD's killstreaks just can't live up to.
  13. Riot has some changes planned. I saw some screenshots of a high elo eve player talking to morello, saying her ultimate cooldown and lack of hard cc were her biggest disadvantages and morello saying that stattick had some changes planned. The new xin looks crazy good. That ultimate is extremely useful now. I watched guardsman bob stream him a little a couple days ago.
  14. Once the trap is used, it's gone until you replace it. That means you could get ambushed on the way to replacing your shrooms/traps/etc. Wards provide much more vision. Even if you are playing teemo you should ward.
  15. Maphacks are indeed always useful. The more the better.
  16. Not for ad carrys. Ad carrys NEED to focus on damage items, and ignore defensive items apart from guardian angel and quicksilver sash.. You buy a frozen heart on solo top and jungle champs mostly.
  17. Attack Damage and Ability Power are what ad and ap stand for. For ashe, I'd suggest building something like this: boots 3pots> 1-3 dorans(normally aim for 2 dorans, unless you get really fed and can straight up buy a bf sword)> zerker greaves>vamp sceptre> infinity edge>zeal>last whisper>phantom dancer> quicksilver sash (if you feel you need it, sometimes you won't)> bloodthirster. That is pretty much the build path on any ad carry. Of course you should change your build depending on what you need in the game. You can easily go bloodthirster first instead of infinity edge if you need sustain rather than raw damage. The vamp sceptre is completely optional and can be skipped if you want infinity edge even faster, though lifesteal is a powerful stat so the vamp sceptre is recommended. By the time you get ie and zeal, the enemy team should be building armor and this is when you need to work on getting that last whisper, as it will greatly increase the raw dps, moreso than completing the phantom dancer will. Don't get swiftness boots. Zerker greaves are way more useful for ad carrys. I guess I should say the build order is assuming that you are playing ad carry + support bottom lane. Don't expect to be getting high amounts of gold if you are sharing creeps in a lane, making your full build take much longer to complete. You should probably skip a few dorans/vamp sceptre and try and rush the ie asap.
  18. I have resisted thus far! I almost bit on from dust but some reviews turned me away.
  19. We don't need a "hurrr piracy isn't stealing" debate in this thread.
  20. The fact that you can play a decent game and still lose due to 1 person on your team is the reason there is a lot of rage. I'm guilty of a lot of rage. :/
  21. 0 warnings. Not planning on increasing that at all.
  22. Yeah I trust that they have stealth fixed. They wouldn't risk revealing all that information and then having to work on it. Xin Zhao rework is coming with the stealth rework as well. It'll be nice to have him be a viable pick. I've heard rumors of sion and heimerdinger reworks being tested in dorans workshop right now. Karma rework is almost done, guinsoo tweeted saying she's a little op still and they are waiting on what I assume to be a new skin to be done. Can't wait for them to fix all these champions.
  23. You can assume he is either going jungle or top is what I'm saying, as he can't really fit into other roles very well. Yes he can ad carry, but those will be few and far between.
  24. He's not going to be able to compete with corki/graves on bottom lane, and he can't compete with the utility of ashe, or the tank destroyer vayne, he's a mediocre ad carry at best. 500 auto range isn't very good. He can't ap mid as most of his skills scale off ad. That leaves top and jungle which a lot of champions can go in either.
  25. Jayce is really fun. I've really only fooled around with him on dominion, but he's got an amazing kit. His q in ranged form, when accelerated by his e gate, has a longer range than nidalee's spear and varus charged arrow. I jungled with him in 1 game, and I just kept going midlane, sitting in the bush, and longshotting a q at the ap ezreal, chunking him pretty good with 1 attack from an insane distance.
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