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  1. That and you are still the first guy everyone blames if something goes wrong.
  2. Held off until today, picked up Prototype, Dead Island goty, and Rage.
  3. It's very easy to get your ip address from skype, so it's entirely possible that it's a DDoS.
  4. nevermind, going to build my own pc rather than a prebuilt one.
  5. You could purchase a server from a site like fluctis (https://fluctishosting.com/) or multiplay (http://betaforge.multiplay.co.uk/). Hmm, this is something I'm definitely interested in. So by purchasing a server does that mean there's no strain on your pc and you're considerably more safer? I, too, am reluctant to hand out my IP and I can't get on my main comp all the time to host a server so it would be easier if I could log onto one with my laptop. Yep everything is hosted on a server provided by the company you chose, and it'll have it's own ip address.
  6. I bought the game, but it's been poorly optimized for low end pc's (contrary to what they've told us) so a lot of people (myself included) are getting horrible fps lag in game on minimum settings, making the game unplayable. Waste of $10.... From their q&a pre-release EDIT: I'm glad they've atleast addressed the issue. They're adding a Castle Wars map, haha. A little bit of nostalgia if I can ever play the game.
  7. You could purchase a server from a site like fluctis (https://fluctishosting.com/) or multiplay (http://betaforge.multiplay.co.uk/).
  8. http://i.imgur.com/ZfjeJ.png If any of you want to continue playing the original Ace of Spades, head to the website in the image.
  9. Try and find mic only servers. That's how I've been able to keep playing and still find it fun. There's a bunch of those types of servers too, they kick people who don't have mics and are really competitive.
  10. Hmmm I may give it a try when it reopens. I stopped playing due to all the hacking that took place. I'd log into a server and just get headshotted on spawn 50 times in a row. I also hope griefing is a little harder, it was frustrating making a defensive structure and having a teammate immediately bring it down.
  11. It takes the place of the medic pack/m320 on assault, the rpg/stinger/javelin on engineer, the c4/claymore/mortar on support, or the tugs/mav/soflam on recon.
  12. Aftermath is now out for all premium members. Regular ps3 get it in a week and everyone else gets it in two weeks. This map pack is fantastic, I'd say it's the best one to come out yet. The maps are around the size of the Back to Karkand maps, and have a great feel to them. It's never too clustered or too spread out. The new vehicles are cool, the crossbow is really fun, Scavenger is an awesome diversion. My favorite thing about Scavenger mode is the fact that it forces you to use the weaker weapons, instead of just seeing aek/m16/m416 every game.
  13. Nuzlocke is a custom game type. It's hard mode for pokemon. You can only capture the first pokemon you find in a region, the rest of them. Another rule is that if a pokemon feints, it's considered dead and can't be used any more. You can read more about it here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Nuzlocke_Challenge
  14. Worked at a McDonalds for 2 years while in high school. Was a fun time, lots of employee's my age made the work not so bad. A couple shit managers though.
  15. Torchlight 2. It's a pretty fun game, but I messed up something on steam and lost 2 hours of progress so that's stalled my playing a bit. But otherwise it's been a fantastic experience thus far and it's launch price was only $20, which was fantastic.
  16. She's terrible. She's great if you can play her 100% to her potential. Otherwise she's garbage. They've already said they plan on buffing her. Meanwhile, Rengar is broken op atm.
  17. Stealth rework (finally) released, katarina rework, and soraka art/model update coming next patch. Since the world championships are coming up soon, they haven't made any major updates to keep the meta stable. But they've been hinting at big changes after season 2 is over, on the same level as the jungle remake after season 1 was over. We know they are working on a bunch of new items, and a complete overhaul of top lane due to how snowbally it has become.
  18. http://www.gustavhalling.com/2012/09/14/upcoming-rush-tweaks-next-week-bf3-ak/ A couple of rush tweaks coming next week. Should help a little bit, especially on armored shield rush.
  19. Armored Shield rush is awful, the rest of the game modes it's fantastic.
  20. Guided is inconsistent. Run TOW instead. I've already got all my unlocks for the tank destroyers, which has given me a considerable advantage in tank superiority thus far. Been unlocking a lot of stuff for the artillery. I really like the anti infantry rockets that you unlock from the assignment. I can't wait to get proximity defense.
  21. For the mobile artillery, if you bring up your map after you fire, you can see where missiles land. It gives a little splash mark where each one hits.
  22. In conquest the gunship isn't a problem at all. It dies pretty fast. It's just rush is ridiculous.
  23. Been having a great time with Armored Kill. Tank superiority is fantastic. Rush maps on consoles are way unbalanced though, the attackers have a huge advatage. I have no idea how DICE didn't catch this... The attackers get a huge number of vehicles including a gunship which allows them to paradrop behind the defenders. Heck, on some of the maps, the attackers can get to the mcoms before the defenders can (armored shield mcom set 1 is the worst).
  24. Then you play in pub servers only, where no one has the sense to use javelins against tanks. Any server full of competent players will immediately bring out javelins to take out your tank.
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