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  1. Have a great birthday!

  2. Blasphemy ML: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=makaaveli (113.78 average) Husaria Polska ML: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=husaria (118 average) Blasphemy's Starting HP Starting: 23 people no picture :| Blasphemy ending: RULES: CWA Classic 20 v 20, matched opts if pulls exceed 20 Melee + Binds only 2 sniper cap Rings on No corrupt or DG North attacks Well the war started off with HP having one DC I believe, but that didn't stop them from putting up a tough fight. I gotta say the fight was virtually even up to the 13-13 mark, after that we took the lead from there and eventually the win. Our binds were great most of the time, snipers did a really good job of wrecking their binders and getting them low, we piled two people that had no food I believe so good job snipers :D And we had some really great tanks today, most notably Sinisterist aka Abam, and Rawra who got piled multiple times and dragged them off each time. HP had some good tanks too, a few of them pulled off some good drags and one of them we had to get off of (Poland9999 I believe) I'm happy with our performance today, and thanks for a tough clean fight HP, hope to do it again some time :)
  3. I wish my mouse didn't keep freezing lol, took a while to call a pile at times because of that :|
  4. Embarrassing loss and [bleep]ing disappointed. Was being DoS'd the whole fight so I couldn't call for us. In case you didn't notice I'm pissed off (lol)
  5. And the hotstreak of RBH closing clans continues!
  6. Hey Ramem. ill see you in Clan america :D

  7. Came 15 minutes late when it was pretty much over..grats us though ;D
  8. Starting Pics: Blasphemy vs TV, PVP Fullout, Rules were as follows: Melee/Binds(NO BLASTS)/Rings on/3 Rangers/2 Sniper cap/Tree to Tree/No Corrupt/Full Out/No Mass Recruit/Sunday 8GMT/3EST/Only main ML/Retired ML allowed Blasphemy: ^Misses me, Slaycidal - 126 CMB, also missing a few others i'm told, will try and find a better starting. The Vikings: After going through some hopping we finally found a suitable world and got rushed instantly by TV (They went for Rickey (Tukuruk)). Nevertheless we quickly regrouped and followed Ronny's calls. Warring was pretty solid, we still had a KO on our side though. We cut them down and after several KOs in a row their last 5 members fled the scene. While we were celebrating the win RSD rushed in and KO'd Ronny :lol: . Ending Pic: Thanks for the fight TV. Good job to all Blas who attended :thumbsup: As for me, the legendary Tukuruk91..I tanked like [cabbage] -.-
  9. Only spammed fail tank because a few seconds before that person called himself a pro tank :P
  10. It was such a shame that Tyler wasn't there to be raped :(
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