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  1. I think that FunOrb kind of failed. The other day, I tried playing Tetralink, only to find exactly one person on the server. Me.
  2. It's gravite and chaotic. Gravite is 1m for full recharge, chaotic is 2m. With a combination of tokens, the amounts can be reduced to 100k/200k respectively. Although it isn't really specific about the tokens part :/
  3. Would using rc tablets/teleport to Daemonheim be an extremely fast way to rc?
  4. @ OP: So yeah, bots grind so that the rest of us don't have to. Yes, this does lead to decreased costs for raw products, but at what cost? The rich benefit from it, since now they can easily level buyable skills, but it hurts honest, hard-working skillers that are just trying to scrape by in the coal mines and such. Also, the main problem is the basis of bots: programs playing for you. Essentially, it's cheating. Edit since I don't feel like posting a response: I'm a F2P player/not a very intense player. I don't just go out, kill a couple thousand dragons, sell the loot, and buy my way to a 99. Most of the levels I'm getting these days is the result of at the very least an hour of grinding, I doubt you could say the same.
  5. For me, on F2P, I just go to a crowded world (1 or 3) and join a party. Most likely they're telling you that your dungeoneering level is too low for the floor you're going on. Also, for low level floors, you can easily solo them.
  6. I dislike how some players with combat levels below 30 try dungeoneering. I've only dealt with two so far: a level 20 I called a noob, then proceeded to threaten me with "I won't open the door if you don't stop calling me a noob!" and a level 15 who just picked up all the stuff on the ground in order to skill, not actually contributing to the dungeon at all.
  7. I just found a profile (by searching those characters) on Facebook showing a Runescape character and the name David. I find that creepy. Wouldn't you find it just a bit frightening that if you had a less secure profile, the person would be able to see your personal info, pictures, and other stuff? Blizzard's idea would only blur the line between the Internet and real life. I think that trolling should stay on its side of the line.
  8. A great example of this forum community's solidarity was the overwhelming response to Jagex's not immediately making Tip.It a "platinum fansite".
  9. 60+ all my (F2P) skills, 70+ combat skills (excluding prayer)
  10. Is it possible to use more than one coal bag (reward from Dungeoneering) for mining/smithing?
  11. For F2P players, after you log in, you'll be presented with the "Midsummer Special"
  12. Does anybody know a time/money-efficient way to train crafting on a F2P character?
  13. Oh. Hi there everyone. I doubt anyone remembers me.
  14. Happens to me sometimes. The first time it happened, I logged out then back in and it's normal and I have no credits.
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