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  1. Science religion are not two separate things. Whether a god exists is a scientific question, and while that answer may not be determinable right now, the probability can certainly be calculated. The reason they are seperate now is because no evidence exists that supports religion. Do you think if evidence came about that supported creationism or another aspect of the bible people would discredit it because it's scientific? Hell, give me evidence of creationism (more so than that of evolution) and that's what I'll believe in. It's people who continue to believe in something on the lack of evidence that turn me off. Who cares if it's helpful to one's life, if it's flat out false there's no reason we should teach it.
  2. dave0293


    I like how I got that hari reference. The PSAT was relatively easy, struggled on a couple questions in the math, but the reading/writing was easy as hell. I wanna know what book that hari thing was from. I thought different schools had different tests, but we had that passage also. I'm almost positive I got all the math right, and think I got maybe 1-3 wrong in reading and writing.
  3. dave0293


    I bet I could make it into the top 50K. If you make it into the top 50K you can pick two colleges to be referred to in order to get a better chance to get it. I'll never get past the semi-finals though, and semi-finals is wishful thinking. You need around a 215 to qualify, though it varies per state. I think I have a good chance, but I'm not positive how I'll do.
  4. Obviously, the only logical explanation is that this incident is an example of extraterrestrial life.
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    Post counts are like mens' obsession with the size of their genitalia. Most people with smaller ones wishes theirs was bigger, when everyone else attempts to tell them that size doesn't matters.
  6. dave0293


    I was pretty much kidding, but I also needed confirmation that was how to do it. Wow, I did those problems earlier today. I got one wrong in math because I read a problem too quickly, one wrong in writing, and 4 in reading. I'm taking it on Wednesday.
  7. You have three points: (1,5) (2,11) (3,19) 5= a+b+c 11=4a+2b+c 19=9a+3b+c You can use elimination to solve for a,b, and c.
  8. Does anyone use the Kritzkrieg? I use the axetinguisher Cloak and Dagger Dead Ringer Jarate Sandvich Blutsaugher Ubersaw Flare Gun and sometimes the sandman
  9. I sometimes lag, and everything freezes except the sound, which loops. I think it's my graphics card causing the lag instead of my network. Is it the same for you?
  10. Try the other classes besides pyro?
  11. That would be me. I don't post that much, or play that much tf2.
  12. I read somewhere that roethlisberger makes $100,000 every 3 snaps. New England is the closest team to me, but I'm not that much of a fan of football.
  13. I might be available then. Since it's mostly full, if I'm available, I'll play if no one else can.
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