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  1. Crzy and I dced and gave them kills lol.
  2. Mining rune ore... next thing I remembered doing was spending frivolously on stupid things.
  3. RS has made me more efficient at maintaining my hygiene. I'm such a ninja with the shower now. :D
  4. I believe Jagex designed FoG in mind with the idea that you need to use both your levels and your skill in the game in order to win. Having the game easier for you when you are a higher level is your reward for training it. Being good at the game by playing it is your reward for your dedication to it. What's the point of pairing two people of low, equal levels all the time just so they can rack up points to buy items they cannot even wear? Why make it even easier for lower levels to make money selling FoG gear? Train up and reap the benefits. :thumbsup:
  5. Why would Jagex be sued for allowing users to record information sent directly from their server to user computers with a video playback client? That's like saying Valve would get sued for HLTV and MAIET for Gunz Online recorder. And when Jagex are the ones who manage a paid service to deliver recorded content (Not a bunch of images, but a long string of scripts played on the RS client.). Half their technology is already there (We have cutscenes in RS. All we need is something that records, encodes the recording to what the cutscene scripts use, and probably a separate client ot play these cutscenes.). I believe Jagex does want to help players. I'm not sure what you meant by that comment. Any as for hypercam, no matter how much you compress or do anything with it, the filesizes will never come near a scripted playback on a game client.
  6. Making RS videos is pretty popular. But for video makers like me, recording can take a lot data space in our drives. A suggestion that I would like to put forth is the RuneScape Recorder or the RSR. The RSR should be integrated into your RS game client. The RSR will be used to record movement/action data sent by the RS Server to your computer (Not an original idea. Used by games such as Half Life 2, Counter Strike (HLTV), Gunz Online, and more), with the option to choose where to save the data onto your hard drive or even an optional pay-to-use service to place files only a server provided by Jagex. Because the recorder only records movements, it will save a lot of data and CPU usage (Since it's only saving movements in a sequence and not a bunch of images.). A separate or Integrated RSR client can be used to view RSR movie files in your computer or download those uploaded to a provided Jagex server. And while we're at it, you may also provide a movie editor. I however, woiuld prefer to re-record the video and use it with my video editing software. Discuss away. Support my post on RS OFFICIAL FORUMS with replies! Forum QUICKFIND code: 24-25-142-29805538
  7. I dont' have a blackmark level... it's not even 0.0. :shock:
  8. ^^ this post made me laugh irl ~Gamerr Firstly, think about what you just wrote, it makes no sense at all, and your arguements don't have any meaning behind them watsoever. The definition is a junior clan is a preparatory segment of the main clan, that runescape players, too low of a level to join your main clan enroll in. The truth is that Phobia isn't a junior clan. It is basically a clan all on it's own, and I see what TF is saying. Stop trying to argue with TF and the rest of the world. Phobia isn't truly a junior clan, and it never will be. So go find a normal clan your level to have a war with, not a junior clan, because you aren't one yourselves. Nice job trying to prove a fact with your opinion. 'the' has always been a sad clan when it came to wars every since rs2 came out, so you have to expect their noob clan to be even worse. Look at the total ammount of members that "should" be in fear by your standards. Those low numbers wouldn't make a major affect in a war. Has PHOBIA changed their rules within the past months? How come TF just now complains about them not being a junior clan when they declared on them before? I'll wait until you level up so you actually have the wilderness level to be attacked by 'The' members.
  9. By the way, potraying 'The' as terrorists is an insult. Go ahead, say it's a joke, say it to those who lost loved ones due to terrorist activities.
  10. Just because we are not forced to graduate, we shouldn't be allowed to attend the war if we don't want to grad? Phobia members have more freedom about graduation and because of this you are going to punish them? So this is analogous to not wanting to graduate high school just because you don't want to. Right? Phobia isn't a junior clan. It's merely a brother clan to fear as long as their members can choose to graduate or not. In fact, by giving the option not to graduate, you almost make it sound like graduation into Fear is a bad thing.
  11. When I have time, I'll do some animations to demonstrate my idea of it.
  12. All I can so is, you can use any my resources you want if you can post on RS Official Forums, since I cannot. Just make sure the idea is the best it can be, knowing Jagex tends to tone every good idea down and add their own little horrid zest to it.
  13. http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=380450 I already suggested this. :wink:
  14. Bring the best out of other games into this game. Nothing wrong with that.
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