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  1. The worst reason I've had for deleting someone was for always being sent messages intended for someone else.
  2. This reminds me of a time someone claimed to have a secret and revolutionary method of training range, which turned out to be Yaks. :roll: I have no idea whether this method for summoning experience is real or indeed possible. Chances are its a plea for attention, although anyone who claims it 100% doesn't exist is just being arrogant.
  3. Agreed, I have the same problem with players in the other team based minigames like the Orb project. Unfortunately there will usually be at least one idiot in the team if you play in a group of strangers. The only feasible solution is to play with people you know.
  4. Parents and Runescape certainly don't go well together. I'm usually given a list of jobs if either of my parents see me playing on the computer. Also the idea that Runescape is in any way educational is quite ridiculous. Its a poor reason to justify playing.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree with that. The only time I'll bless a gravestone is for a friend. If people want to bring expensive items to places like GWD they should be prepared to lose their items, I know I am.
  6. The bank needs improvement but your stats are decent. Perhaps you could raise your combat stats a little more, 6/10.
  7. That depends what your range level is, either are fine so pick the cheapest.
  8. I think the cause of this problem was the quest itself. In my opinion it did not fully explain summoning at all, people had completed the quest and still didn't know how to train it. The possible benefits of the skill could also have been explained more clearly.
  9. Look on the brightside, at least your stuff made a few people happy :D
  10. I agree, this is one of the most annoying things in runescape. Happens to me a lot when I go with a group to kbd, sometimes it dies before I get to attack
  11. Because humans must absolutely be 100% perfect at all times right? You wanna know something interesting? A lot of people spend a lot of energy into trying to be perfect at all times and spend a lot of time scrutinizing what others do, in order to find something that they can critizise. So much that in western society, you cant make a human error without tons of people annoying you, or sometimes you even getting annoyed for doing things that aren't even errors. At work, at school, at home, everywhere and all the time. This puts people under tremendous stress. But there's a way to get out of this, and that's to not give a damn about what other people think and want. Firstly, I'm well aware that people make mistakes. I simply suggested the author take more time to assess the appropriateness and validity of his comment. For example, in the case 'Hkdollars' is referring to, another look at the video would have allowed him to see his blatant error. Thereby preventing the flame war and his subsequent rant. You also say that people trying to be perfect, are subject to a great deal of stress. Then you claim the way to avoid this is to, "not give a damn about what other people think and want." That philosophy is incredibly self-centred and selfish. We all live in a community, the sooner you embrace that fact the better.
  12. Perhaps if you took more time to think about what you post, less people would flame. If you hadn't given such a damning comment in the first place, there'd be nothing for you to complain about.
  13. Eventually you'll learn the quickest way around the maze, which will make it far easier to craft chaos effectively. Seeing as you have to enter the wildy anyway, the abyss is the best bet.
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