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  1. Not sure about the first one, but for the second pic, that is because people got banned, and the guy with 47 logged off before anyone else that would be above him to replace that rank in the highscores.
  2. It's a part of the game, just buy your own cannon.
  3. Which part of Jagex saying "No more free quests" do you not understand??
  4. Unless that means just during the quest..
  5. Wrong. There is only 1 hand and 1 foot.
  6. Bleh. I like http://www.rsbandb.com better
  7. Stats added. Thanks for the compliment :P
  8. I've been playing off and on for a few years, took some long breaks. I don't have the best skills, but I am working on them ;) Also much of the cash pile will be spent on skills. As you can see by the cape, I have done all the quests. Much of the mess is because I don't have a Costume Room, but I'll be using that very soon now :)
  9. Private servers are illegal as they use Jagex's code, though there's no way for them to know if you have used one or not. However your idea about them is skewed. If you played somewhere where you could have any item or any stat, why would you use the blast furnace? Or runecraft? Not to mention that most private servers are just empty shells without skills working or NPC's.
  10. Dude don't even worry about it, you will NOT get banned! There are many people who play on the same router I'm on, and people play in public places all the time.
  11. Wrong, all computers connected to a router will have the same external IP address. However I believe the applet can detect the internal IP or MAC address to distinguish the different computers. Final answer, no you will not be banned.
  12. I still remember several Senior pranks from high school. One thing they did that was pretty stupid, yet still entertaining, was completely flood the "freshmen hall" with recycling paper. In some parts it went up to your ankles or knees. As you can imagine, it was hard to get into some classes :P Being immature high schoolers, we of course couldn't resist the inevitable... BURYING! And I have to say the most fun part of this was picking up empty garbage bags that were scattered among the paper, filling them up, and taking them to a balcony overlooking a hallway filled with many students! :D Good times.
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