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  1. I found this one in Reader's Digest a few days ago. I don't get it. :|
  2. Burn your poster down. :twisted:
  3. I'd never have a slave. Unless it was a bet or something and only temporary.
  4. A rainbow blob of pure energy that somehow can communicate with humans. :twss:
  5. Runescape.com :twss: On the topic of the "offended" page, the very very very last image scarred me for life. (hint, its starts with G ends with Bush :ohnoes: :lol: )
  6. I don't avoid race topics, though I won't be the one saying jokes such as "a black guy, a jewish man, and a mexican walk into a bar...." just as a example. Society is too sensitized these days, any little thing could be seen as offensive. I'm sure others have said this before me but it is true unfortunately. Edit: I'm 6'2 half Asian and half Caucasian.
  7. I'm still going with that guy who said this will turn out like "I am legend" :roll:
  8. 1) go to shop/internet store 2)choose which card you want 3)pay 4)read the instruction booklet 5)??? 6) profit For me it would be more like 1) go to shop/internet store 2)get lost in the store 3) choose which card you want 4)pay 4)read the instruction booklet 5)??? 6) Computer explodes
  9. Well I know that, it's part of the 20% I did understand(its a desktop) Edit: also 800th post. \
  10. So, is this a desktop pc or a laptop?... What's your budget for it? (and please, what's the specs of your psu, and if you got a pci-e connector or molex available and brand) Before i explain how-to (it's fairly simple), do you want to install it yourself (or if you know a friend or a relative who can do it) or a shop to do it for you. Because i don't want you returning back and saying that it all went to hell. Could you also download cpu-z (http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php), open up, mainboard, graphics interface and tell me what link width it says. Edit: Hmm, second thought... I think it's better for you if you take it to a local computer store and get it done. I have no idea what you said in 80% of that post. :wall: I'm a idiot wheeeeeeee..
  11. Darkness and Emptiness. Those are my dreams. I don't usually dream.(No I'm not a druggie/drunk etc.)
  12. I don't trust online shopping so I don't either. :twss:
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