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  1. Man...so rich...Well i can offer you no advise considering you're so much better than me. Though feel free to give me a green halloween mask. Lol just kidding. But then again... :|
  2. Thankyou. And don't worry I will. However, I don't know where you're blog is at.
  3. Thanks again for your support guys. I'll have an easter egg by the end of the week. Just 40k away from 6mil!!!!
  4. congrats on everything. Keep it up. Maybe you could help me with my green halloween mask!!!
  5. Ty, and good luck with getting a santa. How I make my money is my secret until I finish my project of gettin the green halloween mask.
  6. I created a topic like this about 4 months ago but that disappered and I had given up. The way I was making money was going way to slow. Now I've come up with a new way to make money and I'm making 500-700k on a full days work. Obviously the goal was in site when the prices for that went down 2mil or more. I have just achieve my recent 5M. I have about 12.5mil left to go. Maybe more because of the way I make money. Don't worry about that though. Well here is my first pics Stats: I'm pure f2p!! July 08, 2007: Always accepting donations. Anyamount will be appreciated.
  7. Actualy that was just recently. Maybe in the past week. Maybe I am mistaking you for someone else. But I do remember seeing your username specificaly. It's hard for me to forget random details like that. I have all this useless knowledge, lol. Edit-->Don't worry about me calling anyone a noob anytime recently. Well thanks for your time.
  8. Hey I saw you around the major trade worlds. Buying or selling coal or something. I think you bought some coal off of me for 200gp each. Either that or you tried to buy it off of me for 180-190gp each and I called you a noob and walked away. LOL. Now I feel like the noob if that was the case. RSN: Montezuma05 Well anyway. If I did call you a noob sorry for that. I'm trying to merchant coal to get up to 17.5mil to get a green halloween mask. Well thankyou for your time. Sorry again if I did call you a noob. Happy Scaping.
  9. Nice work. 10/10. By the way, I know how you can level up really fast, by buying and giving me a green halloween mask. Lol Jk. Honestly I can't give any advice to you because all of your noncombat skills are higher than mine. So keep up the good work. But if you do want to buy that green halloween mask you know my username. ~Montezuma05~
  10. Looks good for your first one. But for judging on a profesional level 3/10
  11. I got the full game download now. I just need the ability to access internet servers on it. For somereason it won't allow me to connect to the internet so that I can play other servers. Anyone know what is wrong?
  12. Ok thanks. And I'll check out your link Nadril. Hopefully it will work. I am redownloading it now. If it works I'll have a mod close this topic.
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