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  1. So I've stopped playing after the Clan Citidel update. I've come back to find, completely reworked combat system, more pricey membership costs and a new barrows brother (and about 50 pages worth of new game updates on the runescape website). I'm just really looking for a brief overview of the biggest changes, to be reasonable. For example: I understand that the protection prayers work differently now? Something like that could really screw me over. Any insight anyone could provide would be useful. More speifically: Does food work differently now? Have G/E buy/sell limits changed? Is the whip still a good general purpose weapon? Or can you recommond weapons/armour? I think my cb stats are 75-80 Have the "strength bonus" properties of armour and weapons been removed? Good ways to make money other than killing bosses? Any useful quests I should do? (to provide access to certain transport, or that give useful items, for example) That's all for now. (You don't have to answer everything!) Thanks.
  2. Alright, so do all items get their prices updated at the same time? or does it happen randomly per item throughout the day?
  3. The GE does update once a day? ie not more or less then that? You're saying it's random and can happen at whatever time of the day?
  4. Every day the prices on the GE change; what time does this change happen?
  5. How should I distribute my 15 workers for the most profit? I'm guessing flax/mining/maples?
  6. So bots have returned along with free trade? I guess this is a pretty permanent thing then.
  7. Ive recently started playing again and prayer potions are under 3k. What happened to make them drop? And should I stock up?
  8. Thanks, my questions on the sara sword and nature rcing have been answered. Runescape.wikia.com say the drop rates for rings and axes are "uncommon". Can anyone give me something more precise?
  9. To prevent three different posts, here are three different questions: 1. Is the Saradomin Sword better than whip + defender? Or is it expensive just because it can train strength? 2. The last time I crafted nature runes was possibly over a year ago, when they were about 300gp each and good money. Are they still good money? Is there a better method that using the abyss, I've heard something about a summoning familiar. Is ZMI significantly faster training? 3. What are Rex's drop rates for warrior and zerker rings, and dragon axe?
  10. You want your armour to be a good magic/prayer bonus mix. I just used the best earth spell I had along with melee protection prayer, without bothering to snare. My inv was full of prayer potions and a few sharks; you could even take a magic potion or sip it at the bank. He drains your prayer points fast, so you might want to side step while you drink prayer potions, like you would if you were barrowing. Last tip. He has two different forms. What I did was kill the first, teleport out and restock then enter and kill the second. It might make things a little easier during the second, harder form.
  11. Best xp/hr would be KO and pickpocket twice Pollnivnian bandits till 65. KO and pickpocket twice Menaphite thugs til 91, then it's Pyramid Plunder to 99.
  12. Welcome to TIF! http://forum.tip.it/faq.php?mode=bbcode contains quite a few useful codes. Edit: For images "To display an image you must surround the URL pointing to the image with tags. For example: [img=http://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/images/logo.gif] As noted in the URL section above you can wrap an image in a tag if you wish, e.g. [url=http://www.google.com/][img=http://www.google.com/intl/en_ALL/images/logo.gif][/url] "
  13. Points per task: Mazchna 1 Vannaka 4 Chaeldar 10 Sumona 12 Duradel 15
  14. Turael is the first lowest combat slayer master in Burthorpe.
  15. I believe you have to collect them from a knight, as 7o7 said. I think he's down the ladder in Lumbridge, the closest "!" on the minimap from when you spawn in Lumbridge. Are you sure? I remember getting them from the knight, and this acc is more than a few years old.
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