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  1. RSN: AngryAmeoba Requesting: guilded altar with 2 burners Timeframe: Anything really, just when i'm, on How to Contact: Pm in game/on forum. Additional Info: 2k big bones so have something to do cause it might take a few obviously
  2. I bought a bunch of bones and I am looking for a)what i need to use the alter for the bonus xp, b)some1 who has one and wont mind me using it? PM in game as well as posting on here AngryAmeoba
  3. added you, mines AngryAmeoba, any idea of what time?
  4. maybe its easier for u to have the needle on the top, but if u put the thread in the top left, and needle in the 2nd to last(right) at the bottom and constantly click the final d-hide you will craft them all. Dang nice on all the 99s, good luck with this one
  5. very true but i dont want to get combat just yet, but hey 50 in all skills doesn;t take to long other than smithing.....I HATE SMITHING but oh well, thanks for the imput guys
  6. Ok first things first, never been member yet, but I am tempted to become one however i dont know if it would be a good idea to or not. If would wouldn't mind putting that into your post it would be a great help. Now the skiller: Name is AngryAmeoba chats always on Skills: Bank: I am wearing full wizzy t, except hat which is in the bank...so yeah rate them hate them, i dont know do what ever you guys do
  7. Dang, i thought crafting 10k airs was bad. 10/10 for the 91, going to 2millis insane. Do you really think u can hit 2millnats by June??I'd be willing to place a bet with you as some encouragment. Say idk 200k or something?
  8. dang....i was here when u posted with 99range 99str and 99mage, now 99hits and 99att GO WIN SOME P-HATS!!!!!! 10/10 would give more buts there no points its still 10/10 =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
  9. thanks a lot, bad for me, i need to buy more ess lol
  10. When I craft airs and have 11 rc, do i get xp for 28ess or 56airs? ie does the xp i get coem from how many airs i craft or the ess i use?
  11. as a fellow f2p player i know its a great thing to hit, as for those p2p players dont flame him just casue its lvl50. 50 preyer on bigbones and lvl 50rc with bodies as ur highest its not fun personally 9/10, theres always room to imporve the acc
  12. wow 1mill thats just wow, are u going to keep em for sell em, if ur sellin em how much and what are u getting or em omg!!!!!Best of luck
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