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  1. Fletching for me too. I remember the day my dad said i could become a member, i used an hour cutting logs for fletching. The logs got me to level 25. :mrgreen:
  2. Im pretty sure i have all holiday event songs since 2006 halloween event. (I also have the song for diango's christmas workshop)
  3. I do! :thumbsup: An outfit must match, if it isnt my combat gear of course. :lol:
  4. My f2p account has 134 and is still missing these: Bounty Hunter Level 2 Bounty Hunter Level 3 The Quizmaster In the Clink Evil Bob's Island Corporal Punishment I think 140 is max if you have no music glitches as explained above.
  5. Dont want to seem mean, but i think its funny how people keep hoping for f2p updates. I think there have been alot of them lately and i dont think free players need anymore updates at this moment in time. Just had to get it out. :P
  6. The meeting history quest caught myy eye. : I also wonder where the runecrafting guild will be. Oh and of course, i cant wait for the spirit of summer part 2.
  7. The wallpaper looks ok. Santa suit... id rather have a pet raindeer but i guess there is always next year...
  8. When talking to a ghostly robe ghost with no ghost speak amulet you have a chance of getting a dialog about: All your base are belong to us. :lol:
  9. While i was going for quest cape, i used a guide on pretty much every quest. Now that quests dont have guides when they are released, i do them with no guide. :D
  10. Never cried but there was once i got really angry for something i laugh at now. I was over confident and went down to the haunted mine boss with camo legs, black boater, dds, rune platebody, some kind of gloves and 9 trouts. I ended up dieing horribly and lost my black boater and camo legs. It wasnt much but the camo legs was the only piece of camo i had ever gotten in 2 years of playing. The boater i had gotten from a clue and was worth around 300k at the time. I was very poor at that time aswell. :P
  11. Just got my copy of it. \ Going on a boat trip tomorrow with my grand parents soo might aswell read some then. :mrgreen:
  12. I think they mean behind the scenes article. :P
  13. Armadyl staff thread viewtopic.php?f=30&t=747700 My picture
  14. Im pretty sure we will be getting a part 2, but when is a whole different question. :lol: There is also a weak portal at the chaos alter in level 12 wild.
  15. Still waiting for my book.... Pre-ordered and everything... Something tells me the package company dont know what Ø means. :?
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