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  1. Here is the first one, barrows defender. Got it within 6 or 7 chests i think. Actually got a double sigil...? No clue if thats normal. [hide][/hide]
  2. It has been done! First 200M skill has been reached at rank 5564... Not much but still my first:
  3. How on earth are "people" like this still not banned? See them so often, next to this guy is another bot... fletching!
  4. Finally, someting i've been wanting for a long time now: 10 digits! :)
  5. What statue are you referring to here? It's not the golden one?
  6. The best I can say is: YES YES YES! More skills to train and levels to gain is never bad! :)
  7. I'll just leave this here, came across this "player" in taverly:
  8. While firemaking, a couple seconds ago this thing crashed near to me: The little thing is a "mysterious relic". Can use it for exp now or wait for later....
  9. Strenght, in f2p, on a cow, with 1 or 2 friends EDIT: Boy was I wrong... Strenght, p2p, on a chicken and 1 friend:
  10. • Prevented all pets from entering the Lumbridge crater. :o <_< :D :-D
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