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  1. I had d legs for a long time. never bought one. got a few from drops. Just the past week, I sold the d legs for 2.5m and then when I found I needed one for a slayer task, bought a d skirt for 400k. I say more power to the skirt brigade..until I get one as a drop :P. Next time you find yourself being pestered about wearing a skirt, tell them you love them. That gets on their nerves. I also have veracs and guthans skirts as well as dharok legs which are all better defence than d legs/skirt but I'd rather wear a cheap, no-repair cost armor than one which keeps needing repair, however small the price. Call me penny-wise-pound-foolish if you will :). Its interesting to note that when the d legs/skirt were first introduced, the skirt was about 500k more expensive than the legs for a few weeks.
  2. somewhere between 40 and 60. I used to mine ores, make bars and sell the items to the stores that stock them. Made about 2m while getting mining and smithing to 60+. all on f2p.
  3. I raise skills mainly to access certain features of the game. I like to do all quests that open up new areas. I raise skills so that I can use all raw material in the game. I raised mining and smithing to 85 to use rune ores. I got 84+ crafting for black d hide and now 87+ to make the dorgeshuun lamps. fletching to make all bows and arrows and then as a source of gp. 96 mage to access all spells. 85 slayer for abyssals and now slowly getting to 90. 70 construction to make gilded altar. I got 82 thieving to access the yanille dungeon shortcut. I did raise agility to 67 first to get to Salarin and then to 71 to get past the taverly shortcut. Will eventually get 81 too for the same reason. 68 rc to craft deaths. still working towards 78 herblore. and so on ...
  4. Less artwork and better gameplay make Runescape a good game. I prefer low detail gameplay to excessive flashing detail. If I want scenery, I'd just go outside.
  5. I've always overpaid for wearable items but those are never for resale although their sale value has now dropped by over 10M overall. Funny thing is that in spite of having them, I rarely wear those items and yet keep a pair to hold the bank spots. :wall: I recently spent a lot on blue hides expecting prices to be what they were a couple of years back which was when I last bought them (I had also forgotten most of the alch prices which didnt help). Now I am losing around 3M compared to what it would've cost at regular market prices. The only upside is that I'm getting 4 crafting levels which was the aim to begin with. So to answer the question, YES I've been merched but I'd rather be merched than spend an extra few hours merchanting to save some gp. With fairly high skills, its hard not to make money just training skills and so the loss of a few gp here and there from being merched is hardly noticeable.
  6. Make it 126 lvl 7s all casting fire strikes on 7 meleeing 126s and you might have an even contest.
  7. I have never used PC as I was not a member when it was released and now that I rejoined, I have a few other skills to work on besides combat. However, I do not see why the way someone trains should be a big issue. Even before PC, there have been rangers training with the cannon getting very fast xp or magers using charge to gain even faster xp. Having a faster training option gives the kids a better chance of using up a little less of their lifetime clicking their way to glory in an online game. I can see how seeing everyone and their neighbour having a maxed combat can matter to someone who thinks combat is everything in the game but it just happens to be another skill and if you can raise it in a manner that you can tolerate, go ahead and do so but there is no need to cry about how it is now easier to train some skill. The way I see it, easier to train skills are what makes the game more appealing to the transient players of the game. If every skill required tremendous amounts of patience, there would be hardly anyone interested in the game. Just look at the number of players online today to the number that used to play 3 years ago. Personally, I enjoy the game at lower levels as it means that I can play with some goals and look forward to it rather than get it it two days. After getting 99 in a skill, it seems a letdown to not be able to achieve any higher level in the skill I like. I would rather have a level 80 in a skill where I have the option of training it at my pace and seeing gradual improvement in the rewards. Fast levelling is like using cheat codes to get the max stats but that doesnt make it bad... it just means that you dont particularly enjoy the way to raise it normally and so it is justified to use whatever means is necessary to achieve a target. Its just a game in the end.
  8. Ranging: 99 : favourite skill Fletch: 99 : supports range and also moolah generator Cook: 99 : just another 99 Mage: 96 : its magic!!!! HP: 94 : Be healthy! Its good for you :P
  9. I dont see much reason to go past the level where you can make the gilded marble altar (75). I am working towards 70 (for tea+crystal saw to make the altar and thats it). I bought the best storage items for the costume room from someone who had bothered to raise their cons to 99 and that took care of my bank space needs without costing much more than the raw materials for those items. I also have 2 studies to make all possible tablets, 2 portal rooms for all teleports + location in relleka for a teleport in that area). Total cost for all this: expecting less than 5M. Dont need any throne rooms or oubliettes or anything like that.
  10. tried quitting for a year. didnt like much on tv. came back. that just about sums it up.
  11. Why is it that the common mindset on RS is that anything that you buy has to go UP in price? Is the merchanting/profiteering instinct that widespread? When you buy a car do you think it goes up in price? Or do you resent the buyer that can buy it for less when its older and used? If you buy an item not for the purpose of using it but for selling at a profit, you should be willing to suffer losses when the price drops. That is the risk of merchanting just as you risk losing items when you take them into the wildy. Alternately, one can use the item that you bought for its intended purpose and not care what you spent on it since at the time of buying it, you obviously felt that its features were worth the price you paid.
  12. Mines not origonal. But it is original ;)
  13. Its a pity that you got scammed at a time when you had all that money. In a way, since you already knew how to make the money it probably doesnt hit that hard. I was first scammed out of all my measly possessions as a lowly lvl 3 just out of tutorial island with no idea of what I sould be doing (over 2 years back). I have since begun to think of it as a blessing in disguise as it kept me from falling for any scam afterwards even though it completely eroded my trust in the RS community. That also prompted me to use the tip it forums as a way to learn the game and not need to ask for help from anyone. Once you train your skills to a decently high level (60+), you will find that making money is not so hard at all. To do so while raising skills is the best way in my opinion. Good luck in your RS travels.
  14. Is it a sign of the times that not a single post on this thread has a complete and grammatically correct sentence? Why should you pick on a typo by a JageX programmer who, more likely than not, has a better grasp of the English language than any of the posters here?
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