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  1. Ahh so I didn't get it quite right, my mistake. Even still, I'd like to think the example I provided is still relevant to this, thought not as much now I'll admit. However, I do understand what your point is. Some people try to use any excuse available to try and shift the blame from themselves. Anyway, that was really the only point I was going to bring up and for the record I am pro-choice.
  2. This is mainly directed at Zierro, but anyone can reply to it. I understand that you do advocate pro-choice, but that it is your opinion that you believe they should have the baby. The reasoning you gave was that they are responsible for it because they knew in advance (whether protection was used or not) that this was a possible outcome. Stop me if I've interpreted wrongly. However, I'm going to take it to an extreme example. Say a couple has been together for many years and over the course of their relationship have had say 10 children (whether protection was used or not when any were conceived isn't relevant). However they realise that they cannot afford to have another baby nor do they wish to even if they could afford it. Obviously by this time in a relationship sex is an integral part so simply them never having sex again isn't an option. They become incredibly paranoid about not having a baby so they go to an extreme in preventive measures (abstinence isn't really an option of course). They use multiple contraceptives to prevent pregnancy including condoms, spermicide, diaphragm, vasectomy, tubal ligation, IUS, IUD, coitus interruptus (withdrawl), NFP, morning-after pill as well as any other forms on contraceptives that can be used without interfering with the others. After all this effort and against all odds, they manage to conceive another child. Now if I interpreted your opinion correctly (and I believe I have), then it would mean you think they should have the baby because even though protection was used they knew it was a possibility and are therefore responsible for it. So in this instance, do you agree with the opinion that they should have the baby for the reason stated? (Yes I know you are for the pro-choice, but I am asking for you opinion of what they should do.
  3. Nope. I'll give you a hint with this one. The first line gets you one word, the second line gets you another word. The third line tells you what to do, and fourth describes the final answer. But maybe I've said too much :-# . Try not to think about them too hard either, the answer is usually quite easy.
  4. [hide=]Die? Not sure why I put the extra d in there.[/hide] Correct :thumbsup: . There is still 2 more left to answer: [hide=3]I am the weakest thing alive, Yet dauntless with the strong I strive; Defenceless and exposed I lie, Yet old and young to serve me fly. I beat my mother, scorn my sire, Would smile though cities were on fire: Wrong is to me the same as right, I sinned before I saw the light. My past distress affects me not, I nothing dread my future lot; Whateer I wish to do I dare, And leave to others all my care. I prize not honours, wealth, or birth, Not greatest glories of the earth; And I, of all on mortal ground, Alone am independent found. Exempt from envy and from pride, All that I want is soon supplied, Unmoved by others weal or woe, Without a rival or a foe. And by the wisest and the best My state has been accounted blest; For Christians most advanced must be In many things most like me.[/hide] [hide=5]My first can dim the suns meridian ray, In hardest Iron my second eat away; My third indulged will have their powers combined, To cloud the judgement, and corrode the mind.[/hide] I'll admit the 5th one is harder than the rest (well in my opinion anyway). Good luck : .
  5. @Zierro - #1 is correct, #5 is not.
  6. @mmmcannibalism - Nope @penguingeek3 - You got #2 correct. #4 is wrong, but it is very close.
  7. Not exactly like the riddles already present, but have fun with these ones: [hide=1]Alike in mountain or in cell, In country or in town I dwell. My lodging may be large or small, Or may be nothing but a wall. When let alone, reserved and mute I shun appearance and dispute, And all intruders I defy Who would on my recesses pry. For at my voice, as if spell-bound, Your steps are rooted to the ground. I choose your place, my word is law, And if you pass it, or withdraw, I vanish as by magic, till You keep your distance and stand still. This done, it yet remains with you To lead, I only take the cue; This deference I always pay, Yours is the time, though mine the way. I never speak, as many do, Before I have been spoken to: But then I follow like a shot, And give as good as I have got. All tongues I speak, and use in these Whatever dialect you please; All sounds I utter, deep or shrill, A mimic of unequalled skill; Can yelp, and low, and bark, and growl, Like pistol crack, like thunder rowl. But one idea to obtain From me you would expect in vain. For though my talk is often terse, I neither reason nor converse. The chief attainment which I reach Is great precision in my speech. Whatever I have got to say, I give it vent without delay; Yet never have been known to make In word or letter one mistake; And if I tell what proves untrue, The fault is not in me but in you. My voice is either low or high As suits the place and company, And always pitched to answer best The tone in which I am addrest. Although reserved I keep me post Amidst the clamours of a host; Whose fire, however sharp or thick, Will meet rejoinder just as quick: For, be their number small or great, I never suffer a defeat, I never weary, never fly, And always have the last reply; Remaining when the fight is done, Just where it found me when begun.[/hide] [hide=2]In height and depth, in heaven and hell, In ocean and in earth I dwell; The first of each, the last of one, And yet I can be found in none. Though evil must with me begin, I am in error, not in sin. The first enterprise to lead, I never fail in strength or speed, Yet, always found in bed, and weak, I cannot stand alone, or speak. The end at once of peace and strife, And present both in death and life, My common help to foe and friend. To silence and to speech I lend; And still an equal place I have Both in the cradle and the grave, And space must terminate with me.[/hide] [hide=3]I am the weakest thing alive, Yet dauntless with the strong I strive; Defenceless and exposed I lie, Yet old and young to serve me fly. I beat my mother, scorn my sire, Would smile though cities were on fire: Wrong is to me the same as right, I sinned before I saw the light. My past distress affects me not, I nothing dread my future lot; Whateer I wish to do I dare, And leave to others all my care. I prize not honours, wealth, or birth, Not greatest glories of the earth; And I, of all on mortal ground, Alone am independent found. Exempt from envy and from pride, All that I want is soon supplied, Unmoved by others weal or woe, Without a rival or a foe. And by the wisest and the best My state has been accounted blest; For Christians most advanced must be In many things most like me.[/hide] [hide=4]My first and last in dungeon deep And desolate their places keep, And, though exempt from chain and bar, In the extremes of durance are. In middle of the air and skies, Centred in bliss, my second lies, Yet, never freed from whip and sting, Exists in pain and suffering. All these my three, first, second, third, One short but monitory word, Men do in every place and way, At every age, and every day.[/hide] [hide=5]My first can dim the suns meridian ray, In hardest Iron my second eat away; My third indulged will have their powers combined, To cloud the judgement, and corrode the mind.[/hide]
  8. There is alot to consider than simply stating you want profit and experience. Would you be more inclined to make money and the expense of experience, or the converse? Would you prefer to try and get the best of both worlds with decent rates in each? Not only that, there is also how you value the experience you will obtain. By experience are you only referring to Attack/Strength/Defence? Or does that include the other combat skills (namely Range and Summoning as prayer isn't really an option, combat methods for training Magic aren't worth doing and Hitpoints comes from the training so that doesn't matter)? There is also the matter of how you prefer to train. Really your best options in my opinion would be: Green Dragons These can make from 400-600k an hour depending on your kill rate and I am unsure on the experience but I think it is around 40k with deviation on either side. Charms are minimal but you will get a few. Spiritual Mages These are akin to Green Dragons but you can't kill them yet. In case you decide to train Slayer to get these I'll add the information. These can range from about 520-610k per hour (based on current prices at the moment and a 250 kill rate with drop rate from 1/115 to 1/135 although some people might say differently about the drop rate, either way it is just an approximation). Unfortunately this is more luck based compared to Green Dragons. You could have a dramatic increase or decrease (you will never loss money per hour as the runes will cover supplies and a bit extra, essentially any boots are profit). You gain about 75k experience per hour. So on average they are better than Green Dragons but more luck based and you might not like this option. Also no charms. Armoured Zombies I don't know the actual rate per hour for profit as I haven't done enough extensive testing. It is up to 103k experience per hour, but you will average lower. The profit from what I have done is about 140-150k an hour but others say it is higher or lower so don't take my word for this. You also get about 9k or so Summoning experience worth of charms per hour. Slayer Methods vary greatly so there is no real exact average I can give that you will necessarily get. Personally I get about 195k experience per hour (just under 31k of which is to Slayer) and the rest ranges over all combat skills except Magic and Prayer. I also get about 110k profit per hour. I use a cannon and I also use Superhuman strength on every task except 3 which I use Piety. You can alter methods to increase the profit rate per hour by sacrificing experience and conversely the experience rate can be increased (not by a whole lot but enough to make a difference) at the loss of some profit. There are other methods that can be done, but these are among the best from the top off my head (with the best being Slayer in my opinion). Note that those rates are based on my stats but they aren't alot higher than yours. So you can get slightly lower but similar.
  9. I was about to show the exact same thing but without the complex numbers. Your way works just the same though : :
  10. [hide=General Questions]1. At my stats, what is the general points/hour at SC? How many SC tools is that? 2. Can someone confirm/repute my income/hour at Light Temple rune mines?[/hide] 1) As others have mentioned, games take about 12 or so minutes in a non-combat SC clan. With the 2 min waiting period it is 14 mins. So you get 4.29 games done an hour average 23 points a game, which is about 4.93 Morphic tools an hour. 2) Can't mine so can't help here, sorry. [hide=Magic]To my understanding, there are 3 viable ways to do this: String Amulet, Diamond Bolts, and Rock Lobsters. 1. What is the best thing to use for string amulet? How fast does it buy? 2. How well to unenchanted/enchanted diamond bolts buy/sell? 3. How much would each of these cost, what is their xp/hour, and what price should I buy my equipment at? 4. Is there anything I am overlooking?[/hide] 1) Gold amulets are best and they can be sold to a NPC after Summers End. You will still incur a loss. Not too sure on the buying rate. 2) Enchanted sell quite easily, not too sure on unenchanted. 3) Have never tested, so I can't help you out on the experience rates at the moment. As for what price, try and buy as low as possible : . Although in most cases if you want to get them at all (Gold amulets) you will need to buy for max. 4) Superheating gold ore. Can be quite expensive but you get a fairly decent Magic and Smithing experience rate. It is about 95k Magic and 101.3k Smithing (trying to remember off the top of my head) experience per hour. It costs about 950k or so an hour. May or may not be worth depending on how you value the Smithing and Magic experience. [hide=Crafting]I'm most confused on this front. It seems to me the best way to do this are green dragonhide bodies. 1. Am I right? 2. What is the cost and xp per hour? 3. Should I use the SC needle? 4. Are there any methods I am overlooking?[/hide] 1) Generally yes you are right that Green Dragonhide bodies are best. But Blue ones might be better. 2) For Green; 260k experience per hour at a loss of 1.27Mil per hour (based on current GE prices). For Blue; 294k experience per hour at a loss of 1.68Mil per hour (based on current GE prices). At those rates and prices, it is more efficient to stick to Green (unless your Rune mining jumps to over 1.8mil profit per hour ;) ) 3) The tool lasts for about 43,900 experience, a bonus of 21,950. It also halves the cost of the experience. At an hourly rate using the needles, you will gain 118,174 Crafting experience per hour at a loss of 288,447gp per hour. So if you can make over 527k an hour (which via Rune mining you can), it is more efficient to not use the needles. 4) Not that I can think of. [hide=Hitpoints]1. PC or SW? 2. Xp/hour of each? 3. If SW, what role should I play to maximize my xp? 4. Is there anything I am overlooking?[/hide] 1) Soul Wars will get you the faster Hitpoints experience. 2) Not 100% sure on rates. 3) The only way to maximise the experience is to win every game and that during the game you do a lot of damage to gain additional experience. 4) Put simply, I would say do not do either. You are eventually going to get Attack/Strength/Range to 99 correct? In doing so Hitpoints will get to 99 anyway, so do not bother focusing on just Hitpoints. That is just my opinion though. [hide=Range]1. Simply put, can I afford to chincompa to 99? That's the only method I am going to consider. I'd rather slay using ranged than any of the other methods.[/hide] 1) I am not too familiar with the methods for this. I would advise you look at the guide by Chenjs2 in the Archive of Wisdom. That will contain all the rates you will need. [hide=Prayer]1. I doubt I have the money, but I know I can make enough. So what is currently the most efficient bone? 2. I have my own Gilded Altar, should I go there using Slayer Ring (polly house) or house tabs? House tabs cost I think 600gp, while slayer rings are 20gp per tele.[/hide] 1) Dragon Bones are most efficient. 2) You would have to weigh up whether the extra ~7 seconds and the saving of 580gp is worth the one extra bone. The extra effect of the one bone would be minimal really, and the money saved is also minimal. For nothing more than simple ease, I would stick to the house tabs. Something you may not have seen is the way to speed up the training (works with cooking and other similar offer-all skills). After doing offer-all/5/10, wait until the second bone gets used and then use another bone on the altar and also offer-all/5/10. The first 2 get used much quicker than the rest. So for no extra cost, you can speed up the training. There is a guide in the General Guide section on it, it has been known about for a long time though. [hide=Summoning]1. I'd probably do Waterfiends, unless cannoning Black Demons is better for charms. So simple question, are Waterfiends better or worse than BD? 2. How long would the entire process take, from charm gathering to making the last pouch? (In hours). How much would it cost?[/hide] 1) Cannoning Black Demons is less efficient. 2) It depends entirely on your set up and your kill rates. The time for making the pouches is negligible in comparison to the collecting. I am unsure on the rate, but on Slayer I get about 60k Summoning experience per hour. It would be slightly less whilst not on Slayer, so you are looking at maybe 50k (assuming a 10% reduction in experience, and lowering the average experience per charm as my average is higher due to an already higher level). Since you need approximately 12mil experience, it would take about 240 hours to get the required charms and maybe 15 or so hours to use them. As for cost, I am not entirely sure. It will be subsidised slightly due to money made at Waterfiends however. Although have said to Burst/Barrage Rock Lobsters, it is better that you do not. It is actually more efficient to get the charms from Waterfiends. I used to think the opposite, but upon testing and seeing that Waterfiends make 150k (or so I think it was) profit an hour compared to original comparison of break even, I have calculated Waterfiends more efficient. [hide=Construction]1. I shall be making Oak Dungeon Doors, this is the best option, right? 2. What is the cost and xp per hour?[/hide] 1) Oak Dungeon Doors are indeed the fastest option (with Oak Planks). As for best, I am not entirely sure, but I would believe so. 2) It is possible to average about 290k experience per hour, which incurs a loss of 2.1mil an hour. I won't bother re doing the calculations here, but using the Morphic Hammer is more efficient than not using one for Construction. [hide=Agility]1. I will be at AA until 80, then I'll be at Doresh'kaan. Is this the best plan, or am I overlooking something? 2. What is the xp per hour at each location, on average? 3. About how much will I spend on Super Energies? I will not go to the Salt Water Spa, and to my knowledge I do not think I can bring a Terrorbird to either course.[/hide] 1) That is about right, however many say it may be best to stay at Ape Atoll until 85 before switching. 2) I think the Ape Atoll rate caps at about 52k experience per hour or so. The Dorgesh-Kaan goes up to about 58k or so. 3) You will use about 2k or a bit more Super Energies at the Dorgesh-Kaan course over the course of 85-99. Not sure about how many from 72-85 at Ape Atoll. All up I can guarantee it will be less then 3k. [hide=Smithing]1. SC hammer, correct? 2. For me, what is the best gameplan? I probably won't smith plates since they lose too much. So what's the best thing to smith? I was thinking addy bolts...[/hide] 1) Correct, assuming you are making things and not Superheating. 2) As mentioned with Magic, Superheating Gold Ores is one option as it will train both but with a large loss. If not, Addy Bolts up till 88 and then Adamant Plates is the about the best option. [hide=Herby]1. I notice that Zamorak Brews are extremely cheap herby xp. How well to they sell? How well to the ingredients buy? 2. If they aren't a viable option, how much will 99 herby cost me using the most efficient method?[/hide] 1) Can't really help much here other than to say due to a recent patch they did become more valuable (can no longer accidentally kill you by taking away your last Hitpoint). 2) You can put herbs into vials at a rate of about 3,360 per hour and put seconds into that at a rate of about 2,290 per hour. An average of 2,825 potions per hour. You can probably work out the most efficient one from that. Hope I helped.
  11. At 65 you can use the Summer one. I believe it can gain the equivalent of just under 150k Thieving experience per hour if you make no mistakes and are going as fast as possible. Things like bandits might still be faster even if you have to heal more often, I am unsure exactly.
  12. I don't see how that number could make sense... it is impossible. How fast you can kill General Graardor in this case is entirely irrelevant. Now I am not 100% sure on the spawn times for him (it also fluctuates depending on number of people on the server), but I know Commander Zilyana takes a bit under 2 minutes or so to spawn. Using that as a basis, we can assume Graardor takes at least 90 seconds to spawn each kill. There is 86,400 seconds in a day, which is 86,400 per server. With 81 (might have miscounted, but should be close) members servers, that is 6,998,400 seconds per day across all servers where Graardor can be killed. Getting 100,000 kills a day would require that on each server he be killed on average every 69.984 seconds (including spawn time) Since it takes 90 seconds to spawn, 100,000 is impossible. Add in that per server Graardor won't be getting killed all the time, not all worlds are lootshare so some worlds may not be in use. For those who solo/duo or such, the kill rate would be a lot less compared to a larger team. It comes down to averaging over two minutes per kill and not all servers being used. So it would be maybe 50,000 or less kills a day. Of all of those kills, only a fraction of the bones would end up getting banked anyway.
  13. In my opinion, doing quests without guides is much more gratifying. When the quest "Darkness of Hallowvale" was released, both my friend and I were online (we both enjoy quests without guides). The quest had alot of puzzles I enjoyed it alot. What even added more to the gratification was that we were among the first people to finish that quest (across all servers I mean), as we were the first people to finish the quest on that world way before anyone else did :lol: . So, we did the quest the instant it was released, we had no help from anyone else other than each other and it was one of the best quests I have done. If I had waited a few days for a guide, then just went through it step by step, there is no possible way I would have had as much fun.
  14. Barrows from scratch took me 1:27:25 (hours:minutes:seconds). Took a few pictures along the way: [hide=Pictures] [/hide] The last two might appear out of order, but they aren't. I left the chest and went back to safespot Verac. Kept stuffing up and ended up with very little Hitpoints :lol: . What a lousy reward for all that effort :( .
  15. ydrasil

    Slayer Sucks

    The 268k for Dagannoths incorporates all the experience other than Slayer. The cannon gets a tremendous amount of experience here, you still get a large amount of melee experience and hence Hitpoints. There is also the bonus from using a combat familiar, also the amount of Summoning experience gained from charms is quite substantial. I don't have exact numbers at the moment as they are on another computer but you can find a listing of my rates in a table on a few pages in the thread. Page 43 I know has it on it, there are others but 43 is the one I can remember. You can't add 15k to the Armoured Zombies for the combat familiar either. It is single way combat, so they can't be used to attack and increase the rate of experience. I am also not sure where you got the rate of 107k from but I have never said that using a cannon will average that much. Although off the top of my head I think of the tasks I cannon only one task gets over that amount, which is Dagannoths.
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