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  1. nice shading but the man..it's so...simply...? 8/10
  2. maybe u can make warrior (running) and falling trees behind him =]
  3. http://img353.imageshack.us/img353/1894/pixxxelps1.png PLZ rate my sig 0-10 =]
  4. yea...im going to told dragonn57 about this post =] 1. 9/10 2.8/10
  5. yea like pomar...but u can make it bigger and put other screens to black pl8c
  6. whoa very nice but u can add some shield on wall or some head from monster.. :D But lookin' very good!
  7. let me think...ther eis no shading??? 0o
  8. rinek

    Get Lost!

    i love LOST! I cant have patience no more! i expect LOST3 in Poland!
  9. yes but i mind that i can add something to screen but not makin' new :D
  10. yea..just find image and paste....
  11. i think taht the sig iss small...and think that it will be better if they r bigger or more that chinese words... but its good
  12. nice but u can make chinese words bigger
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