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  1. Kill

    Shield Pics

    The shield is tradeable but is the visage tradeable as well?
  2. They fixed the house bug like half a year ago... :?
  3. RSN: Kill Guys Requesting: Any Alcher to stay in my house to keep the burners lit Timeframe: Today, All Day tomorrow and the next day. How to Contact: Pm in game/on forum. Additional Info:
  4. You're wearing 50k in gear and you have tele runes
  5. Planks are over twice, even three times as fast as logs. Larders with demon butler is 220k/h (friend claims) Oak doors with reg butler is 180k/h (personally) With the time you save, you can craft more runes. At the end, you would lose less money and it would be more efficent.
  6. I was pking with my clan and wanted to know the teamspeak password. So I wrote, "whats the ts pw?" I was perm banned within 10 min and my appeal was rejected in 2 minutes. I never had a black mark or anything on my account. I explained that ts meant teamspeak and was not anything related to Runescape. And I was not password scamming because this was my clan's own private channel and I could have full access. First offence and perm banned.
  7. What are the law runes for? :oops:
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