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  1. no offense, but your stats aren't good enough to sell on eBay. You give yourself FAR too much credit.
  2. w00t, construction ftw! So much fun holding people prisoner in your throne room.
  3. 20's don't sound that high today, but back then, they were huge numbers for a medium leveled person to be hitting. The funny thing is, I remember seeing like 10 major players being banned that day, it was funnier than anything else you could think of! Then, after they were banned, they posted here about how they were sorry, and how they wouldn't do it again, and how they were only testing it, and weren't abusing it... like hell they weren't. For the entire day, that's all that happened. It's like going to a college on St. Patrick's Day, onnly one thing happens the entire day, and this time it wasn't drinking, it was fighting with knives. Thank god I didn't have any knives on me at that point, everyone was buying them up, and taking them from the spawn on top of the Varrock General Store.
  4. It is not illegal to give items to a friend, then have your friend give those items to a second account, so there is no need to be all sneaky about it. Bzzzzzt. Teh l33st3rz is wrong? Aw man... Rule # 8, multiple login.
  5. I'm wondering when people will realize it's a Swift Switch screenshot, and flip out on him, heh. But yeah, I got the blue, and I'm kind of disappointed. I mean... I wanted it to be bigger, but instead it's like this little doll hat, which is annoying. It also gets bugged up in white dreds, which looks VERY bad. It's not a Pirate hat, it's a Blue Tricorn Hat (or something to that effect).
  6. Note the red bar... she fell. That is the Yanille Duneon (a.k.a. the Agility dungeon). Prayer at the alter, and you have as 50/50 chance of falling through, or having your prayer refreshed.
  7. This will get closed. This goes against rule #12, buying house plans for runescape gp.
  8. What, because he doesn't have 200,000,000 magic xp, he can't be believed? And people call the KKK racist... Oh, and even though I do have ancients, and I have used it hundreds of times, it still isn't that great. I couldn't even hit a guy through green dhides. Granted, when you do it, it's devistating, I do believe it balances out a bit. 1v1 against a melee combatant, and the mage will win 99.9% of the time (given the right equipment, enough runes, and a good enough strategy). It's sick just how many times you can hit a 21 or 22 with level 73 magic...
  9. Jimmy, please explain to me how buying something for a price you know is too low, and then selling for a price you know is too high is not scamming? You're stealing their money basically. Now, I can understand, maybe a difference of a few thousand gp, but buying a party hat for 154m, selling for 156m, that's what I like to call "scamming the other person." Technically, it can be considered item scamming, but there are too many merchanters out there to report. But hey, lets not argue about merchanting, this is a thread about Dragon Chains. Oh, and Jessy, I didn't mean that specifically Torag armor was better, I meant any Barrows armor; be it Torag, Guthan, Verac, what have you, it's better in the long run than a dragon chain. Not to mention that with dueling and verac armor, you can win a lot of money back. But if you had a d chain, it'd be more difficult...
  10. Oh yeah, because you're greedy and you want to show off your ability to scam people, great move, ya swell person. Was that scam part directed at merchanters? Yes, yes it was. And people, you aren't seeing clearly hear. There are two parts to this arguement. The "it looks purty as muh cuzin under de moon lite" arguement, and then there's the "I want to level my stats so I can hump people after they die" arguement. If you're cold cut on your ways of "it looks good," then I really can't change that. Sure! I think it looks great! Do I want one? YES! But I WILL NOT buy one from a scammer, and I refuse to even acknowledge somebody that bought theirs. Buying it proves nothing, getting it as a drop is better. But what you thick skulled people really don't get, is that you are spending near 18.3m, and Nuke_Psychosis, your whole idea of "Dragon Chains don't devalue at a rate of 720k a month" is completely off base, and I suggest you withdraw that comment. You are paying that 720k (if that even) from the 18.3m that you saved by not buying the dragon armor. I don't know about you, but Barrows armor has seemed to hold steady for a good while now, they haven't dropped by 1m yet. And as to the "you'll probably be getting 25-35% in savings" thing, you're still getting 3049.9999995 HOURS of gameplay with that 18.3m you saved by not buying the chain! You are a moron if you want to argue with those facts. You can EASILY max out at least one skill (providing you are at least level 70 defense and maybe 70 attack) with 3049.9999995 hours. Now, that's 127 days, of 24/7 gaming! How often do you see somebody playing 24/7? Never! Okay, then lets break it down some more, so you can get the concept of "you can play for longer," because you don't seem to be understanding it. At 24/7 gaming, you can play for roughly 127 days. Meaning that at 12 hours a day, you can play for 254 days, that's 69.6% of a YEAR!!! Now, most people don't play 12 hours a day (unless your name is n0valyfe), so I'll imagine you play for the 6 hours that people normally say, because they want to make it seem as if they have what they like to refer to as "a life." At 6 hours a day, that means you are getting well over a year of playing time with that 18.3m. Don't tell me it's impossible to get a melee stat to 99 before then, because you simply can't. At 6 hours a day, that's about 508 hours, which is about 139% of a year! That's incredible! That's a whole year, and another 143 days of training!!!! If you want to argue with this, go right ahead, but these are straight up facts, and it's tough to argue with these. And the looks thing? Well, that's your preference, but remember that to get a dragon chain, most people use Barrows armor (Verac) to KQ a chain. Oh, and also, the Torag and Dharok sets are exactly the same (except the Torag Helmet is better by about 2 stat points). The best melee outfit in the game: Full Torag Dragon Shield Whip Barrows Gloves Rune Boots Lava Cape Onyx Amulet There is no contest there.
  11. Even stil Zero, look at my calculations. You would have 3049.999999995 hours of training with a Barrows plate with the 18.3m you'd have left over, that's a LOT of training, a lot more than you would need to max out. And THANK YOU Syko, I appreciate somebody getting my back for once.
  12. Okay, I'm sorry bobby, but this was taken the DAY of the release, just 6 hours after it, actually. Sure, there's PLENTY of time for others to get it, but this was the first one posted here. Why can't you new people be more like we were back in rs1?
  13. I just remembered that I had a picture from the first person to every have the privilage of owning such a piece of armor. This was before Dragon Legs, and before the lava cape. I remember this day clearly, and I personally know that this is the first chain ever aquired (note that it's NOT me!). And to prove it's not fake:
  14. Hmm, lets do the math... Dragon Chain: Retail Price: 19.5m Torag Plate Body: Retail Price: 1.2m (Note: Both of these were found on the RuneScape.com forums just now) That means that you're paying an extra 18.3m to basically... have worse stats at the benefit of not having to pay for repairs? Okay okay, so there HAS to be a reason people would get this! Lets look at it. I mean, repairs seem to be so expensive, they are being portrayed as these huge payments to no one, but... wait a minute, 90k to repair a body? That isn't as much as they make it sound... okay okay, lets brake this down some more! They have to be right in that it's more expensive with the Torag Plate, don't they? 18,300,000 / 90,000 = 203.33333 repairs. So... 203.33333 * 15 (hours) = 3049.999999999995 hours of using Torag (at 90k per repair) So for that 18.3m that you aren't spending on that dragon chain, you could get 127 days worth of training with that torag plate. Wow, Torag does seem like a better option. But wait! It gets better! Thanks to the new POH Workshop, at level 55 Construction, you can cut your repair costs in half! That's right! Now you have 254 days with that armor! But wait, there's more! That's 69.6% of a year! And that's playing 24 hours a day! Wow... so again, why would you want a dragon chain? Oh yeah, because you're greedy and you want to show off your ability to scam people, great move, ya [wagon].
  15. Have you updated this to include the stuff that SAAM has?
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