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  1. I got lured once and that was my experience with scammers.
  2. (sorry bout last picture, havent used paint in a while) FINALLY havent had a 100k clue in FOREVER!!
  3. I want a active clan that likes to ls the big cockroach(i just became f2p) and i want there to be pking =] post here i has IRC btw :ohnoes:
  4. max hit at once with range: 200 on corporal beast with ruby bolts (e)
  5. Well i just thought of this... Just like we have the withdraw all button from out BOB then we should have a way to load up familiar from bank Pros: Faster loading...(no getting out of bank window) No double/triple loading...(bank, familiar, (bank, familiar,) bank, inventory) Cons: I can't think of any =[ Normal bank access: Summon bank access: (scroll bar if you have yak orfor all familiars) PLEASE NOTE: -The pics are in ge....just ignore that since u can't have familiar summoned there.. -I didn't pay that much attention to the screen shots so they are not the perfect editing..and sorry about my name in the pic =[ [hide=List Of Supporters (10)]1. M X Mouse << Me of course =] 2. N A H T A N 3. Warriorap111 4. Ddddrrr 5. Haz 280 6. Zaaps1 7. P Ll Ll R 8. Freezepop91 9. Oliboli1992 10. Fertjuh3[/hide]
  6. well its helped me in school with words that are in rs.. Trees. Hilt. << that was funny...teacher thought he was all cool cuz he thought he was the only one who knew what a hilt was ownd him :P Scimitar. Simple Calculations. ohh and a classic - I called my teacher a noob and she didnt know what it was lmfaoo!!
  7. Well i dont post much on here....but ive decided recently to start focusing a bit more on the skills side of rs for a bit..after i make money.. [hide=How it started]I was killing tormented wraiths and i seen that they drop oak planks...well i later then thought to myself....hmm 67 construction and then i get some mage lvls with tabs to house.. Decided i was going to do it.. Bought 6something k of oak planks and i started building oak larders.[/hide] I wanted to get all 60's with 1.7k total but i dint realize that 9 levels earlier -.- Next = 67 cons. 5-10m $$ 90+ mage all 60's all 70's after [hide=More to look at] [/hide]
  8. WEll let me just start by saying..mssw4 wasnt what i expected...i was thinking there would be like 200-300 people from each fansite and it would be hectic... it actually turned out to be like 700 tifers...and 100 of max enemy before i left.. I stayed for like 30 mins and no one was showing up so i was like meh and logged... But i got some pictures before we left for wildy..they werent really special..just a pic oflike 30 names that were there and max ops.. Swiftkit isnt working and i dont feel like normally uploading
  9. dude seriously this a waste of a topic.......try to actually achieve something before you post....10 mining and 60 fishing is nothing -0/10
  10. thanx for the rates guys =] im probably going to get full melee void tonight and ill post that up
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