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  1. And why would I lose my runes to a ranger? Mage beats Range with ease in SC. Then there is a bigger issue than 1-itemers. Combat Triangle pl0x :x :wall: :x
  2. Numer0_un0

    Regarding 'junk'

    They can't sanction that since everyone's definition of junk isn't identical. Can schools not sanction the correct spelling of 'grey' or 'gray' because everyone's definition of the ideal spelling isn't identical? Of course they can. :smile:
  3. They can set up seperate areas, like they do in other minigames. Pest Control, for example. There are so many players, combat level has virtually no determination of the outcome. If you can't see your damn target, how can you kill them? All of the hunted stand in the middle and hide in each others' right-click-menus. It's epicly [developmentally delayed]ed. No, it's Jagex being developmentally delayed enough to not add seperate areas like they did for other minigames, like Pest Control. And Clan Wars.
  4. 1. Morgans jav is one of the best pvp weapons. 3. Morgans throwing axe :rolleyes: We're talking about javelins here, not Morgans weapons 4. MLB 35% per spec which will hit and can be done from a greater distance. MLB + rune arrows and pots is underrated. When used with MSB is 1 MLB spec and 1 MSB, before they close the distance. OK, good point. But that's just magic longbow. What about the rest?
  5. This is where I stopped reading. This is where I add you to ignore list.
  6. Lolno. In PvP, if used effectively, they can be as good as scimitars. That's F2P btw. Perhaps a dragon longsword's spec attack can be used in pvp. A rune longsword? Would be slaughtered. There's a reason that people only use scims.
  7. 1.Javelins do suck. You cannot deny this. They have no use whatesoever. 2. Darts are meh. They could be better. They're not useless, but could be improved, I suppose. 3. Thrownaxes - 99% useless. Rune axe is useful once in a great while. And that's just 1 axe type. 4. Longbow - epic fail. This weapon is good for nothing but damaging a farcaster who froze you. And it's so terrible, it doesn't hurt them any - Needs a big buff to strength (do u know how bows work?) and perhaps range.
  8. Armor weaknesses need to be much further enhanced, that is for sure. F2P example... Full rune + scim vs. Full rune + Warhammer. Scimitar wins, because the hitting differences are not pronounced enough to warrant the slower speed. Speaking of inertia and mass, a warhammer should have a huge str bonus in comparison to a scimitar. The accuracy is perhaps fine; they must have been easy to dodge/block. But when they do hit, they should hit quite hard. The armor is not weak enough in Crush. It's plated armor! A scimitar should practically slide off it. A warhammer would cave it in! :P
  9. Total level is a measure of how long you have played the game. Most players will not remain n00bs at 1000 total level in f2p. Generalizing is just fine when it makes sense. I'm not saying 100% of those players in skiller worlds are mature, but they will definitely have more % of mature players than normal f2p worlds.
  10. I like these 1000+ total level worlds. They provide a safe harbor for mature players in the hurricane of immaturity that is f2p RS. They are also havens to ex-members. And I think they are fine the way they are.
  11. I started in '05, but unfortunately the only old pics I have are in my sig. And out of those, only the Attack/Strength one is really that old...
  12. oh my gosh :oops: I don't know how I didn't see that! #-o
  13. I've come back after a couple months break, and I'd like to know what the unofficial house party world is. Jagex seems to have, for some reason, gotten rid of the official one(s), including w131 which is now very empty.
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