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  1. OKAY! Surprised no one mentioned Wiz Khalifa at all.. unless I missed something. Here ya go, he has a new mixtape too btw. And ooh, thanks for the Cudi and Snoop video. It's a funny video . And is it me or did Snoop seem a little old/stiff in that vid ?
  2. Higher, Satellite and Fame are pure :twss: .
  3. Omfg, this is still up. :thumbup:
  4. Just a quick question, why are you so nice?
  5. I really don't think you guys are bad. Some really hot lines and then they're some cheesy ones but overall, not bad at all. I guess everyone is giving such negative reviews because your flows aren't as great as others but I'm guessing that'll improve with more songs and experience.
  6. And then he/she will make a decision on what they want to believe in from there. And honestly, I don't see how one little grace ('chant' seems a bit much) is forcing religion onto someone compared to something like making them read the bible everyday. Are there any other reasons why this is 'wrong' ?
  7. purfishx

    Your Childhood.

    Haha, Darkwing duck. Those were the days though, didn't have to worry about work, money, school or life in general. Everything was just made. And for quite a while I was under the impression that girls were just funny looking boys. :?
  8. And the big deal is? Everyday in primary school we always had to say a grace saying something about 'Thank you for the food we eat, thank you for the birds that sing, thank you God for everything'. At that point in time I was too young to care and my focus in life was running around like a madman. These kids are much younger than I was and I'm sure it doesn't bother them (unless they are really hungry and the grace hinders them from eating their food fast enough) but regarding if this allowed, there's that whole Church vs. State battle so I'm not too sure but the only ones who'd really be bothered are the parents who believe in different religions or don't believe in religion at all but then wouldn't this be equal to if the parents are forcing their religion/beliefs on their children? :mellow:
  9. Drake and , by extension, Young Money. Now roger that. Btw, Wiz Khalifa's new mixtape came out today and peaked at no.13 on Google trends. :thumbup:
  10. purfishx


    Damn feminists. -- Well today I had the most lifeless day so far and I believe it's just going to get worse. Failed a maths exam too :D.
  11. Wow, didn't know this actually happened outside of television. :o
  12. :thumbup: Luckily we have none of this bs in Barbados.
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