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  1. Wait, you can buy fractite arrows at comp 2? And I'll use the spinebeam longbow then, as accuracy and style is far important here than speed. And I'm guessing dragon is playing teams of 5 at a large dungeon, or co-op (2 people) on medium dungeons. he just has gr8 team m8 <3 there is no secrets, just run fast :D btw large dungeons fail imo...
  2. DIRTYP00LB0Y has been forced to change hes name again. Now know as BitterBoi
  3. and one more time... I Master B is now know as: Narrow Gnu
  4. it happend again.. Masterbastd now know as: I Master B Dirtysanchzz is now know as: DIRTYP00LB0Y dam that name changing update :(
  5. Master bastd was forced to change hes name. Hes new name is MasterBastd Hes still pure f2p :)
  6. grats maur and genworth! sry maur i mist it, im not on much anymore..
  7. *slaps Killer* : Welcommmmeehh! Tnx for the slap 8-)
  8. ^ another one bites the dust..... yah Regi166 has 80 p2p xps
  9. Add "Matekitu" to your personal list, hes like 1 lvl from top 200 f2p players :)
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