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  1. ctim


    If that's not the truest statement I've heard about graduation then I don't know what is.
  2. ctim

    Weird Laws

    Let me guess, the death penalty for breaking this one?
  3. ctim

    Weird Laws

    In my home city, it is illegal to carry a lunch box down Main Street... http://www.dumblaws.com/laws/united-states/new-mexico
  4. My point was that would be a stupid thing to do, in my opinion. Unless I end up really rich, I'll probably only go to college once in my life. I want to make sure that I can learn as much as I can in those four years (or more). Skipping a course would be stupid in my situation, since it would mean that I get a lousy high school teacher to teach me a course that doesn't differ too much from a regular course at the school. I'd much rather have an actual professor teach me.It's kind of an elitist opinion, but whatever. None of the AP teachers I've had so far have been very good anyways. I've learned nothing so far, and believe me I'm definitely trying to get something out of these classes. I ran into this issue as well as I just graduated high school with 42 college credits done mostly through testing (CLEP and DSST). It was a struggle for me because I felt like I was robbing myself of the knowledge that I would have gained by taking those classes. However, what sold me was the fact that I could then take 42 college credits of classes that I actually wanted to take. So now instead of spending my time taking general education courses I get to spend my time taking really cool classes that I will both enjoy and learn more from. That is the benefit of taking AP exams and classes is that it allows you to take another class that you really want to take instead of a class that you have to take.
  5. Obese people? The nice thing about lambo and butterfly doors is that you can get out of your car easier when someone decides to park really close to you.
  6. As was mentioned earlier, this would also have to be my favorite: Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind the other one in the picture either! :rolleyes:
  7. As a regular commuter and occasional racer I can input my vast amount of knowledge (about the size of a pea). Your options really depend on how much you want to spend, you can easily spend a lot on a new bike. If your mainly going to be riding in town and are not concerned about getting top efficiency out of the bike I would suggest a commuter or hybrid bike. They generally have a frame much like a mountain bike (more upright positioning) but are lighter and have tires that are more suited for town riding-and can be found for a decent price. The other option is to get a lower end road bike, Trek and Specialized make good lower end road bikes starting in the $600 range; stay away from Schwinn at all costs! A road bike will be faster, lighter, and have better control once you get used to it. The best option is to go into you local bike shop and ask them for advice for your situation. But go to two different local shops before buying to see which store you like better as well as the price, should something go wrong you'll be spending some time there so make sure you like the people who work there.
  8. I have a fractite spear bound to me because of the versatility. But I also know a lot of friends who have a plate bound instead.
  9. A live stream would be nice! That would be the only way I would get to see any part of it.
  10. One of the unannounced dungeon updates is that if your in a F2P world and have a members item bound and try to bind a F2P item, it will now give you the option of destroying the members item and binding the free item. Means that all the people who lost members after it came out will now be able to bind an item again!
  11. Didn't know that! Thanks, and thanks cptbaker for the tab info. Somehow I missed reading about those updates.
  12. ~lvl62 dungeon and people, the bonecrusher is seriously overrated That is true, I did some very rough math in my head. You receive roughly 400k prayer exp if you max out melee with armour zombies. However, a small bonus is a bonus. I was thinking in terms of slayer, certainly by the time you're using kuradel there are very few tasks that actually drop bones, so the best usage is indeed AZ/bandits, but even then it's very small as you said. One use that I see for the bonecrusher is the mass killing of lvl3 people. Think about it, if you can one hit them and get the experience for the bones that they drop without having to actually bury them it could be pretty significant prayer experience because of the raw numbers of people that you are killing.
  13. Thanks guys. I tried binding another item but it gives me the message that I already have a bound item and that I need to destroy it first. I'll post it on the RSOF as a bug. Thanks again.
  14. So I was a member earlier this week when Dungeoneering came out and binded a members lvl weapon. Now my membership has lapsed and I went into a dungeon only to find that the weapon was still bound to me even though I can not see it and it doesn't show up in my inventory. Is this a bug? Or is there someway to unbind an item that I can't access? Thanks
  15. I knew I shouldn't have left the podium that quick...
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