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  1. as a matter of fact the only time the place stops being good exp is when they stop being aggresive to you. lol. No joke, u can train here till 126cb here, with only maybe giants spiders better exp for ppl with 80+ def As for the guide, i could have just stumble upon that place accidently and could have learnt more things than what u said. :shame:
  2. really thats interesting Never knew that can you give me proof then i will try to fit it on the guide yes its true. i just checked it out ingame :XD:
  3. Wow. I never thought of it that way. =D> Great Find. Once again, good one.
  4. this is a good summary i guess =D> you should add more tips on training effectively.
  5. i will fight you. RSN is viz94. i want to dm as soon as possible inventory lobs only? also Melee vs Melee.
  6. As a matter of fact there is cows in the south of falador. there is none at varrock, only at lumbridge. there are only chickens at varrock. ohh you mean that far over? tip: a map would be useful what do you mean by that far over. a map?? there is a map at runescape.com...
  7. As a matter of fact there is cows in the south of falador. there is none at varrock, only at lumbridge. there are only chickens at varrock.
  8. they may also damage you. other then that not bad 6/10 cause there are many other guides with the exp per hour, etc.
  9. That is true, drop trading is illegal but i also have a compromise to that as well. Get one of your trusted friends or if possible one f your friends Irl to trade with the lvl 3 accounts, get the money and bank it until you have givin them enough for te rune and scimmi then ask for it back, go buy the stuff its very simple. quote] That is still illegal if you read the Rules more carefully: Taken directly from the Knowledge base: Can I give items to another player from one of my accounts, so that they can then give the items to another character that I play? No, this goes against the rule. You may not transfer items between your accounts in any way. Nuff said. Other than that you could mention Air Rune Running in World 16. \
  10. For your information, you have 10k in 20 different accounts and unless you drop trade which is NOT LEGAL, i dont think it is possible to buy the full rune. PS: Thanks For the method to edit dark_angelxd, i will get to it as soon as possible 8-)
  11. Isnt this condradictoring(sp?). Anyways I agree that ranging is not cost effective. Maybe useful for a range pure or someone who's melee stats arnt enough.
  12. Add the Law rune drops from the Ankous. That is where the bulk of the profits come from. You could also add that Ankous drop Rune Essence (Noted) and the Left Skull Half.
  13. i was going to mention that you should take series of question before you start tutorial if you wanted to skip, but then noticed the post about the quiz. anyways just building on that idea, you could have some question that are random, like the questions in SoS. A bit off-topic: Also before you start tutorial you could have some questions that will prevent autoers from proceding, again like those in SoS, just this time you could make it so that even noobs can answer: like "What is after 1,2,3". Simple yet effective. If the questions are random autoers cannot go though, thus humans will be needed....
  14. If i am not wrong Ankous only drop Law Runes in F2P not Death Runes. Death Runes are in P2P. You get like 100+ laws per trip depending on your Combat Level I dont understand. These are members stuff and if I am not wrong this is free to play Guide. Change these and I give you 8.5/10, because you have no pictures. I sort of dont understand the parts in brackets: the one mentioning its members. Try to make it more understandable or just explain it to me. :wink: You could add somemore places for rangers who want exp not the money per hour: they range but dont want to pick up their arrows cause its faster. Some places i know are the hobgoblins at the penisula near Rimmington, the Black Guards at the Black Knights Castle (range from the mountain) and also the Guards near the Edgeville Wildy. I have personally never tried this, but have seen many people rangers them from across the ditch ever since the new update. GL on your guide.
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