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  1. He'll fix the broken link.
  2. Actually, a .GIF file is just an animated series of IMAGES played one after another, so his post is legit.. which means..
  3. [hide=A whole bunch of Lolwut's] [/hide]
  4. once again, [hide=And for some humor,][/hide]
  5. You don't post something like that of a guy who just died.
  6. Couldn't find the repeat button.
  7. Dont You mean Less then You want something to beat it Not weaker then it You just lost the game :thumbsup: what?
  8. thank you for just telling me that HP is BETTER THAN A1.. (Try using <)
  9. [hide=Off Topic]@ Pirate_felix [/hide] [hide=On Topic]It would be better with a bit of this. [/hide]
  10. mega screen > Little screen
  11. Oops.. your comp's broken. [hide=Mature][/hide] [hide=G Rated][/hide]
  12. Unicorns 'aint so cuddly after all now eh?
  13. Soz.. i broke your bridge.
  14. Got enough insurance for THIS!?
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