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  1. Abc, this post has been dead for over a year... how did you even find it?
  2. Hey all, quick question: In the dungeoneering guide on Tip.it, it says the Plane freezer (frozen floors) is weak to stab attacks, but in the full bestiary, it says its weak to crush instead. Which is it weak to? Thanks!
  3. wow. 62 to 70? i cant imagine how manny balls that took. ... Cant belive i just said that -_- Anyways, do you remember how many bars you needed?
  4. Hmm Problem is i only have 2m, but im planning on starting to skill (now that im older i have the patience for it.. so if i blow the 2m, i wont be able to do anything else..)
  5. hmm.. that will involve completing the quest.. but it may be worth it..
  6. Hey tip.it, Im just fooling around on RuneScape now, visiting the game i loved :) And i want to get my smithing up.. Now i plugged in the data into the smithing calculator.. If i want to get to lv 65 from lv 58, i need to make 8000 pairs of cannonballs!!!!! 8000 steel bars!!!!!! Thats insane! i could never have that much patience.. If i wanted to gain just 2 levels, to lv 60, it would take over 1000. Please help, i just cant grind for that many hours.. Any other ways to train smithing? I have 2m to start, but i need to make profit.
  7. Nope, wont restart in safe mode. Please switch to this thread, its liek an update. The problem has just been escalated.. http://forum.tip.it/topic/276421-lost-all-my-cache-data-and-bookmarks-on-firefoxpelase-help/
  8. Hey guys, ok the original problem has been escalated. I unplugged my HDD, and then plugged it in again, and restarted the comp. Since i attached a "new" peice of hardware, ti ran a scan on the HDD, and deleted some files.. On the plus side, the computer actually turned on. On the downside, all of my bookmarks, and all the cache data from my firefox is gone.. and i NEED it back. System restore is not an option.. it says there are no restore points.. (maybe they got deleted too) And im running vista. Anyone know how i can get my stuff back?
  9. Oh boy.. never thought id be making a post like this.. the other day, my "sister" came on msn, and she was talking to me about an IQ test she took (this makes sense, because she's in university) she sent me the link, and i clicked it (i mean c'mon, its my sister!) Now the website was.. weird. It wasnt a test, it was just one of those sites that pops up if you miss type the site you're looking for. Either way, now, my computer won't turn on properly. I turn it on, and it reaches the black screen with the green loading bar, and Microsoft corporation.. And the bar just keeps whizzing by, but the computer never turns on. I finally got it on, after like 10 tries. Im worried, Please help, Thanks ~Ty
  10. No chance in heck i could sauder that. Its about as thick as 2 human hairs :S If i tried, i would just end up saudering them all together.
  11. Dunno what the chip is, but here"s what it says SMsC LPC47M172-NR D0338-A9562 8H115681C AMERICA MEGATRENDS And also, i dont really see any connections (those greens lines embedded in sillicon boards in electronics) branching off from it.. but :S
  12. Hey all, ugh my mood just got killed... I took a look at my Mobo that i was planning on attaching to the wall (im the thread about building a computer on a wall) And i noticed that these.. *wires* lets call them... Are bent out of shape on this chip, and one of them is even broken. I have a feeling my Mobo is Dead X( Is it? (view full size)
  13. Ahaha, figures i'd find a way to get it off :rolleyes: Is it possible to just use regular thermal paste, to avoid having to buy two seperate items? (i need to replace the past on the CPU anyways. I'd probably have a few drops left over. Thank you sniper's for your considerably useful wealth of computer knowledge lol.
  14. Yeah i was going to mount it on the table, i need to, its in front of a window so theres nothing to mount on it. Anyone can help with the weird chip thing?
  15. Its possible that you're having heating issues.. but the reason it has only picked up in the last month may be because something finally broke/disconnected/fell off/etc. Check to make sure the heatsinks are all attached to.. whatever the're heatsink-ing Check to make sure all the fans are running.. Sorry man, cant think of much else :S
  16. Mine's running dual actually. One 500MB RAM chip and the newer 2GB one. As for weather, I really don't think it has any impact on it since it says it's at like 35ish degrees. The Thing with Ram is (as said before) it needs to work in pairs. However, they need to be the SAME ram. Different rams will not only have different memory capacities, but they will also have different internal timing. (they work at different rates) So i recommend purchasing another 2 g ram stick (make sure its the same as before) Also, the ram needs to be compatable with your motherboard for best results. Also, if you're having hot weather, take of the side of the case for best results. Put a fan on it if you really need.
  17. Thank you all very much, a special thanks to sniper for answering each question in depth. To save myself some trouble, i can just put the power supply on a shelf beside the rest of the computer :wink: Maybe il post a picture when it's all up. Thanks everyone. /Thread EDIT: actually, one more concern. There is a second, miniature heat sink on the MB, and it covers a small chip. Now i foolishly took that off too a while ago, and there was something that was on both it and the chip, as you can see in the picture. However, it is not thermal paste, seeing as how it does not scrape off, and does not come off with rubbing alcohol. Is it glue? or.. what should i do?
  18. Hmm.. didn't think of bugs.. if you knew where it was then it would be a no no. What if i build the whole thing inside a wodden box with a plexyglass covering. That would basically be.. a case.. just.. a see through one. That would work correct?
  19. Hey tip it, long time no post :) I always come to you guys though, whenever i have a question for basically anything in life (why exactly, i dont know though, haha) So anyways, as some of you might remember, i built a computer for myself way back in the day with your help. (although i probably became infamous on this thread for that build :P ) So i still have my old computer, taken out of its casing, and im wondering if it's possible to build a computer somewhere else in my house, but having the computer pieces exposed, and attached to the wall. Now i can see a few problems with this idea, 1- The computer will be exposed to dust On the flipside however, i could dust it often, and the exposure would also keep the computer cool, since air will always be around it 2- The metallic circuit sauders could short out on the underside of the motherboard, if they're touching the wall This is basically what im asking. Could i mount the board directly on to the wall (The walls are wood, not drywall, and they have been painted) or should i keep it floating off the wall with some kind of peices on the back, or something to suspend it off the wood? 3- One of the Pins on the CPU got a bit bent. Now it's an old cpu, so the pins are few, and big, and i was able to bend them back so they could still fit in the slot. Would the computer still work? is there any danger in turning it on to test it? 4- Any other concerns? Is there anything else i should know about mounting the computer (and all its peices, not just the motherboard) on the wall? Like is a Power supply not supposed to be on its side? Can ____ be like ___ , etc. Any helps appreciated, thanks Tip.it :) ~Ty
  20. Unfortunately for you, the swastica is actually hindu, not german, and it doesnt mean anything bad.
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